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  1. i saw this over the weekend. it was great because it was sick, but yet the bad guy won in the end! always a plus. ohh, and cops dyed!
  2. i fart on my gurl all the damn day.
  3. this is a tough choice. im hungry...
  4. just ate a Nutty Bar. its like a lil snack cake this wit peanut butter on it. and water
  5. that was a really good post! sigh coupe cake glue
  6. ima get this. the single is ight. but im sure there will be better songs on this album. i was kinda dissapointed by promoes last cd tho.
  7. i see grass, trees, one of my big ass dogs, and the sky. i love the country
  8. i fill my car up about twice a week on a 7 day week. vw coraddo. i need a fuckin job tho, tired of doin what ever i can to get gas money.
  9. wow. dyrdek has a killer shot. and McKay's rock to fade away to fakie... Oh my fuck... heh
  10. i have seen this... they look more like if they were pushed together really hard by like a vice grip and morphed into one body.
  11. yea its only good to listen to when your smokin.
  12. AGREE also... vagina, love, pubic, no, and when skateboard is spelled "sk8bord"
  14. i want. i wouldent wear it tho. just put it in the rear window of my car.
  15. the cops found a shit load of guns in the trunk of his suv. all illegal and unmarked of course... also: layin' da smack down and getty green are his best cd's i think
  16. sadly they probibly will. i had a friend that was in a foster home because his parents were killed in a car accedent. he dident get out till he was 18... he was 11 when he was put in there.
  17. people are sick. i wanna smack the shit out of that mom.
  18. the dude got checked right into the pavement. that shit was great when i saw it. he looked like he dident even see it comming.
  19. i love 12oz for this very reason...
  20. i might rent it. looks like the action will be good. not a fan of the story line so far... looks like You Got Served (kung-fu edition)
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