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  1. sry, never mind... fuck t.v. but i need basketball.
  2. i want giant lizards to rule the world!
  3. show his that your not one to be fucked with. mean mug his ass when he looks at you, then ask in a mean pissed off voice "what do you want?" dont use profanitys, it will only make you look stupid. :haha:
  4. work is gay. but you gotta do what you gotta do...
  5. "oh....oh shit..god..fuck" (in a board kind of sarcastic voice) u said it already...
  6. i hate my cell phone. but i could never live with out it.
  7. lets see... mom (i survived abortion.) dad (for beatin my ass when i got out of jail) my girlfriend (for being with me threw rehab) graffiti (met some fuckin awesome cats) skateboarding (my life) baseball (fun and keeps me healthy) cell phones (keep me un-board with text messaging) AIM (keeps me un-board) the internet paint ink cameras my dick my car being about to pass school with out trying. fights a nice pair of pants new kicks ect... ect...
  8. rest in power. i had a cat of mine die last week. she was old tho. cancer had taken over her body and ate her from the inside out. it was really bad... :crying:
  9. NFC... wow. i wanna see more shit from them. hope there throws are as hot as the roller.
  10. i remember last year being in NC and watching t.v. and seein that Jamster shit. i thought "never will i see this on my t.v. at home." and if anybody knows me i never watch t.v. anymore. but one day as im passin threw the living room and the t.v. is on......... TEXT 355 FOR YOUR TRILLVILLE RINGTONE (and i hate that song's beat with a passion...)
  11. i could have ended up addicted to cigarettes. im glad i quit early. i still want one every now and then, but i havent smoked in at least 3weeks. and thats after having one a day for the past 4months.
  12. i use to have a job like MakeItHappen. i worked for a pizza place in town and i would go in at like 3pm, get some flyers, go walk/drive around smoke, drink, do pills what ever and put flyers in mail boxes. and i had 2 people i worked wit that were good friends of mine. but i quit that job because i needed more money. im about to get a job wit a lawn care company. mihgt be cool to just sit on a mower and listen to music. 12$ an hour... that is double what i use to get payed.
  13. easter has really gone to the shits. i dont understand how people get so hyped over xmas when the whole catholic thing is "easter is better than xmas because thats when jesus went to heaven to open the gates for us." i say we get presents on easter just like xmas. i mean everybody loves free stuff. but i think watching the passion this easter really made me feel different about the whole thing. but i dont want to turn this thred into a religious discussion. so... i get my easter shoes at payless, because like MakeItHappen said "payless has that crack."
  14. Somos... stay off the walls and stick to paper.
  15. what the fuck is goin on... was this suppose to make me laugh? or just waist my time?
  16. he is ok... he likes kids alot.
  17. i have a new fav. thred... BUMP
  18. i wish i could do thaat. dont have the right camera
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