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  1. about 4 weeks ago when basketball was all i watched on t.v. this commercial was all i saw. pissed me the fuck off the 253rd time viewing it.
  2. as long as no money has been exchanged yet and nothing is in paper tell them to fuck off.
  3. Im Broke


    damn. i just seen that flick on here of me i posted 2 years ago. heh. since then i thought i would update and say that dont roll wit airsoft guns anymore :haha: i got a walther p99 now. i will post a flick later if i can find my camera. i had a good laugh tho earlyer on that flick.
  4. yea i just saw the title and had to post.
  5. i throw my change in the trash with my soul.
  6. looks like she likes it... heh
  7. coors light is what i drank
  8. Im Broke


    if its his ex' just be like "man, ur ex' was fuckin your friend." edit: dont tell him if u were the one fuckin her. if u were "boogie hands"
  9. movie was amazing. i wanna see it again. probibly will because my girl wants to see it. i dont mind at all. it was a very well put together movie. 2 thumbs up!
  10. Friday, friday, friday... -sleped in till 1pm -showerd -put clothes on -kinda hot out so i will leave my coat at home -went skating -nice lil run while skateboarding... (switch f/s heelflip, b/s crook on this big ledge, then b/s tail this next ledge(same height as the 1st)) -then went home and chilled -went to pick up girlfriend -went to play some baseball -rented a movie that both of us dident end up watching -drove girlfriend home -watched the movie we failed to watch together. Saterday, saterday, saterday... -woke up about 1pm -ate some food -called friends to go skateboard (no anwser) -waiting for a call back from them -listing to music and on 12oz -later tonight... get smashed Sunday, sunday, sunday... -wake up about 10am -shower -church (yes im catholic) -come home and chill -hang out with girlfriend -sleep -start the week in 7 hours... Bonus section buy beer, condoms, weed, blunts, food, water, gas. word
  11. not vodka... please not vodka.
  12. yea.. i dont really care. let Makros find out
  13. really anything that has me lookin around my room and lockin the door befor i hit "play"
  14. if you wanna paint on your wall in the back yard go for it. i did it for a while. but its all about what you wanna do. thats why i write. its all about doin it for myself, and seeing my shit up. getting that feeling like "woh, i did that". so if you wanna paint a chill wall do it. then move up to the streets if you feel comfertable. just dont get caught ;)
  15. project pat - we can get gangsta
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