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  1. yall kned to kook up cokain n bkin soda n sel it. urs truly corn roller p.s. PERRRRRRRR
  2. Im Broke


    makeithappen: explosion broke: like nukes on japan bombs are funny.
  3. i support the country, just not it's current leaders and thier decisions. Quoted post [/b] that is a good point also. your on it 8onus
  4. i clicked this because i saw (flicks) im glad i clicked. bump for you my friend... bump!
  5. Im Broke

    Unplayed Card

    i keep the deep shit to myself. "best friends means you pulled the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve"
  6. How ironic. Quoted post [/b] 9x... maby the next time he will die. please!!!
  7. i say fuck spring break, and the only thing i got in that whole thing was that you are a crack smokin homo. "but yo its cool cos i got a "BANGING" tan and it's like melanoma farm all over my body and yesterday i got all these rl polo d-rings in all these crazy colors and its like a fucking rainbow mardi gras parade in rio going on in my closet " - MartiansOnMeth yea im sry bout your cat to.
  8. i dont support america. we are cool and all. but some of our laws are such bull shit. and people in this country make the U.S. of A. look so bad.
  9. fuckin umm... taking back sunday? its just the mood im in... i dono why but i got into this whole emo rock thing. but i was listing to DJ babu a bit ago. that Duck Season vol. 2
  10. i got a pair of electric sunglasses. only worn when i drive tho.
  11. i have one echo shirt... and it is to go with the one pair of shorts i own. and the shirt is a white t. has no patches on it.
  12. black dunks green shorts old navy boxers.
  13. Im Broke


    that is wrong... just straight up wrong.
  14. kill yourself... or kill all your brain cells so you dont remember ever having a girlfriend that loved you, and cared about you. because all that shit is a lie. i know this from experence.
  15. seeing thoes pics made me realize how my past few days off are so shitty. looks like fun tho key!
  16. i hate it when you sit on your balls... that makes me feel so stupid.
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