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OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

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draft day is getting people hyped or mad?


Curious to see what happens with LO and Ariza.

Im hoping for Ariza since he's younger.

But Odom is so versatile and helped out with Bynum getting into foul trouble on the regular.

I figure Ariza would want to stay in his hometown.

But Odom got his ring and probably wants to get paid now.



We traded our only pick so if we stick with LO & Ariza we'll basically have the same team.

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i hope to God the trade does not go through, thay are saying Biedrins, Belinelli, Wright and Curry for Stat. NO, NO, NO!! and even if we get Stat, he's only on the books for 1 year. 1!!!

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the bucks picked a god damned turtle. scared his stock might drop??? if this dude can't hang under pressure and walk across the stage when he was supposed to... I don't trust him to do anything clutch.


here's to hoping rubio doesn't quit caring when the money comes.

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He looks retarded, but will dunk on fools all season. Now I can wear my Clippers shorts in public again


Ricky Rubio on the T'Wolves should be interesting, especially if Al Jefferson can stay healthy next year. I was a little shocked at Hansbrough getting drafted so early by Indiana, although I feel he belongs on a team like that

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This gonna be a excitin season to peep out. just cause the balance of power is gonna shift like crazy all around. the west should be retarted fresh this season.


not thinkin cleveland improved their chances on a championship with shaq. look how he made phoenix worse. on the real, lebron just gonna bump into his ass when he drives. shit aint nothin. YOU MAD CLEVELAND?

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