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OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

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Queens Duo Artest & Odom.


We need to get rid of Adam Morrison though; that dude is eating up a lot of cap space with over $5.2 million on the contract. But he's locked in for another year. He makes more than Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and Trevor Ariza.

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yeah, I MAD.



Thank you, another Houston Sports Team, for making a retarded trade and locking up a stupid as fuck contract with another player from the trade.



Ugh, 5 years for 33 for Ariza? Cmoooon. I like him, but that's just stupid.


What they need to do is cash in on the insurance for Tmac and Yao. Use that to get AI (lulz, total joke).



I feel good about Sheed to Boston.


I still think Lebron and Shaq is gonna backfire. Big D can draw the double team and pass, but he'll be passing out from the lane. If the play doesn't come, he is just blocking Lebron's path (I think I just sort of hope it fails).

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villanueva and gordon with the pistons, this will be interesting. we just need avery johnson now.


sheed can go to the celtics, hes tired anyway.


turk just signed with the blazers.


and i think lakers failed hard, with not signing ariza.

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Wow... so Yao Ming is out for all of next season (possibly his carreer)? And Tracy McGrady is out for most of next season? And they lose Ron Artest?


The Rockets are done.


On the other hand, the Celtics, Cavs, and Lakers will be juggernauts after their trades.

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Arizas already got the ring. Now he jut wants to play and get paid. Cleveland couldn't guarantee a starting spot while Houston told he'd be a number one or two option at least with t mac and Yao out.

Ariza was on the hartman and meyers show yesterday and seemed shocked ot at least played the part. He said the lakers offered him the mid level and told him to seek offers and they would match it. Then the lakers signed artest and he felt they dissed him. Haha sort of like Von wafer in Houston. You mad? He said the lakers technically didn't make an official offer. I don't know I think he felt dissed by the lakers and ran to Houston with the advice of his agent.They also asked if he is going to Houston for sure or will he pull a hedo and go somewhere else. He said he's loyal and going to houston plus it's closer to his son and fam. Then I read his son lives with him and his wife in LA. Haha clippers?

Check the am570 website for the interview.

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