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  1. Gomer Never Disappoints
  2. <ma>

    Kem 5

    :eek: <-----times a gazillion!!!!!!
  3. Ive gone to many in the area But their selection sucks They have plain stupid looking shirts if I'm a pay $30+ on a t-shirt it better Have more than just the Jordan logo. I got fed up driving around and not Finding what I want so i thought that there might be a site that might sell Jordan gear.
  4. I hate people That compare LJ to MJ Fuck LJ
  5. This might be a dumb question but anyone know a web site were they sell Jordan gear?
  6. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. yea the appeal i notice that most rappers when they first come out and they new to the game they put out good music they hungry and all that and as time goes by and they keep dropping mixtapes and albums and by now they got rich thats when the music gets lame. for example 50 when he first came out he dropped some nice music but once he made it and he got stupid rich his music got shitty look at his last album it sucked ass!!! i feel like gucci is getting that way too cause lately his mixtapes i haven't been feeling them like i used to back when he was in the Wilt Chamberlain series.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxB2N_xZNMg&feature=player_embedded the second one was sweet!!!
  8. <ma>

    RTL GY fam

    yano is getting out of control!!
  9. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. not really feeling gucci new album
  10. these are ridiculously nice!!!
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