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  1. jkob

    Food Stamps

    Plus, the fact that you joined 12oz 10 years ago screams over 40.
  2. jkob

    Food Stamps

    ^yeah, you're definitely 60
  3. On a non homosexual note, I just got done compiling an all cute NBA team. I'm deciding whether I want to do a second and third team. Kenyon Martin is on the first team. Can't say who else.
  4. jkob

    Food Stamps

    ^WTF? You mother fuckers must be 60 years old. As long as I can remember they have been EBT cards. Wow.
  5. jkob

    Food Stamps

    Love how so many "law abiding citizens" with hearts of gold suddenly pop up on 12 oz.
  6. jkob

    Food Stamps

    Food stamps are fucking awesome. I get 200 a month and the Arabs at the corner store let me buy whatever I want with them. I get all my house cleaning stuff with them. And everything for my bathroom. They'll even let me buy beer and alcohol. And the Chinese ladies around the corner have a way of extracting money from the card and will give me 120 cash and they keep 80. Back in my "bank account negative 350 dollars days" I had 3 cards at once via homies that came from out of state and I'd make them get a card and give it to me when they left. I need to set that up again. 600 bucks a month for whatever I please is legit. THANKS SF GOVERNMENT, MUAH!!
  7. Dude the celebrity all star game is killing me. Scottie With like 7 3's. Justin Bieber has hit 2!! Haha...........go East!!!!
  8. Nets Nugs proposed trade, nuggets would send Melo, Chauncey, Sheldon Williams, Melvon Ely, and Renaldo Balkman to New Jersey in order to receive Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh, and 4 1st round draft picks. Thats almost a good deal for Denver. Almost is the key word. 4 1st round draft picks would be huge. But the loss of Melo would sting. Personally, the Nuggets are my the only other team in the league that I like. Love that squad.
  9. ^Thats funny because in my prime I used to almost "fiend" to go push a cart or do beer runs everytime I took Xanax or Clonopin. And then proceed to paint highway spots and bill boards at 3 in the afternoon.
  10. Must be spent on 3 items or less on serious rich hot slut magnet shit that'll get you guaranteed laid tenfold. Mine would be a fully loaded black Bently Mulsanne, a platinum Rolex with a diamond on each hand, and 20 pounds of fish scale.
  11. I like that unisex cologne by Lamar and Chloe. It's called Unbreakable.
  12. Close this fucking thread. Please stop making Dallas threads.
  13. Feeling better today, still only about 60%. it's been about 2 weeks now. How much fucking longer can this possibly take?
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