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Photoshop expert? wanna make $20?

Issac Brock

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I do photography and I happen to have done a shoot for a couple of lassies that want modeling photos. I happen to suck with photoshop. Now, I have found places to read about how to do what I need to do, but this happened to have happened at a really busy time for me. I really don't have time to sit there and figure out photoshop to the point where I can do thsi rather complicated crap. If you can successfully and flawlessly remove the girls from the stupid background in the pictures so that I can process the pictures as just pictures of them on a blank white background, about, say 15 photos, I'll paypal you 20 bucks and love you forever. PM me or talk to me about it here. Or on aim, or whatever. Thanks 12oz.

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Yeah... What's the background setting as of now?


Blinds in the background, carpet is this multicolored shit so its annoying..


Maybe it's a special $20 bill that's actually worth $400. Oh fuck, that's totally it.


PM me.




yeah, i was considering doing it for free, just on the love, but what you're asking isn't really a simple procedure. you're looking at upwards of 30 minutes for each pic if there's a lot of whispy hair and other shit.



If its someone thats a complete expert, I doubt that it would take too long. Its just that I'm stumbling around figuring out how to do it, and then I come across doing something else and that's another thing to figure out..I'm a photoshop retard lets put it that way. With my photos all I do is adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, crop, resize, sharpen...this shit is beyond me. I understand you not wanting to do it though, its still a bitch.

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