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  1. VAJ


    I loved that kid probably more than I've ever loved anyone in my life. I'm completely fucking heartbroken right now. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. I don't give a fuck if someone thinks it's tacky to ask about what happened, it's tackier to call his mom. So please, somebody call or text me. 682 559 9449
  2. I'mma be at numerous Rangers games this year in my SF gear. Just like I go to work everyday in it . I <3 controversy. Seeeeee ya there brew brew!!
  3. hahaha nbb... i can't wait to let you burn youself out without my help you midget. open yer mouth and stick up for yourself, please!.... -not vaj
  4. "harness your talent" most of those dudes got there by not "harnessing" their talent... aka writing on other peoples' shit. they wouldn't be there if they hadn't. -poz
  5. there are two types of people in the world---> 1) people who care about the internet. 2) people who care about the internet.
  6. whatever. kid can still spit. i don't think he ever really rapped about or claimed to be from a broke family, so it doesn't bother me if he did. but it still isn't really adding up to me. it's not like there ain't broke kids getting "scholarships" or whatever to private schools. hell, i was one of them, but i didn't come from money. on another note, ran into tyler in front of diamond on fairfax. he stopped us both to ask us about tattoos he noticed and was pretty cool. complimented us both and shit... i'm still down for odd future. -poz
  7. i just feel bad for that bitch who did the "my jeans" video for getting outshined by this little scumfuck on an equally horrid song -poz
  8. good fucking show. too bad the last few episodes sucked. -poz
  9. My name is not VAJ. It is Chloe. But we are in TC. For those who care. (sorry you can't really jerk off to strangers in here the way you like to in Skype---VAJ)
  10. VAJ


    I say y'all alot but no, no southern accent whatsoever. I'm a yankee originally and you can hear that more than any southern accent. And yes, my vagina holds the secret to krink...POZ now knows.
  11. VAJ


    We'll see you all real soon... :)
  12. VAJ


    I don't care if you ban him. He was making retarded ass threads. Thank you for not banning me though, I had nothing to do with that shit. I'm usually at work when he does that. And btw, no he cannot use my name. I may have let him at first but we have 2 different computers and he can't use mine. That is all.
  13. VAJ


    I have nothing to do with his faggotry.
  14. VAJ


    CaliG...you know it...lovvvvverrrr. I'm way tooo white an way to thin for your tastes though. But you know I love you.
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