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  1. Since we're on the old school buzz heres some instagram goodstuff... all off the one account not sure if i should post up here,..
  2. Bagl interview on MTN blog http://mtnaustralia.com.au/blog/ G’day Bagl! Thanks for taking the time to chat. What’s been happening? Yo man. No problems, thanks for having me. Just been trying to keep up with day to day life at the moment. Got a couple personal and business projects on, so trying my best to get them done! Get us started with the essentials, where do you call home, what crews do you rep, and how did you come to be known as Bagl? Raised in East Sydney and I write with the HKL and FKCS crews. I came up with the word ‘Bagl’ myself back in 2007. Originally I sp
  3. ^^^ Damn that is indeed a shame RIP he really did kill it in the late 90's early 2000s.
  4. Anybody heard about/seen this? http://www.lukeskennedy.com.au/stabbed-ego/ Extract: Graffiti Gang leader writes Tell-All Memoir The train was unmanned. With its lights standing out against the black night, the monstrous machine appeared weightless, as if floating on air. I was eager to rush at the angelic beast and commence my first panel, but Snap hadn’t yet turned up and there was no way I’d paint without him. Anyway, it wasn’t late enough. Trains were still running, which meant passing drivers would witness our barrage. The crunching sound of footsteps on the tracks
  5. Someone ripped stayout: Some dope footage panels there...
  6. Sydney Train tunnel explorers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYmyECkjAzg
  7. Dont see enough (Enuph?) photos of this guys work around. One of my favourites form the mid-late 90's. TSP crew.
  8. 2013 Sydney MVPs: Grime Soups and Rich Riz Ties Spray (shitty photo) Ready Insides Stet and Komer
  9. Its an interesting development. I dont mind seeing it from dudes who have puti n work over the years and have developed/devp;ved there style over the years. I dislike it when new cats come out and dont even bother trying to learn style or the history behind a style in the first place. Heres an example of someone i think who has developed their style over time: Late 90s early 2000s recent
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