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  1. the june looks like they tried waaay to hard


    so get a diff colorway
  3. Re: Great Pictures~ i saw an airbrush mag with a step by step of that
  4. ^^^^^^^ havnt seen faust but the other two are a real trip, good shit! i however just jammed to this last night :
  5. i want an acid bunny now....i think
  6. ive had water stuck in my ear for like 2+ weeks it sucks, basically like being def in one ear
  7. i doubt it people don't go for life even if they actually killed someone and got manslaughter
  8. FUCK THAT! life? are you serious?
  9. I just recently moved out of the Shannon Apts, and not nearly too soon. There is an enclosed court yard in the center of the building which everyone's windows open in to, and not a single person in this building bothers to think about the fact that every little bit of noise they make echos through the court yard and right in to everyone elses apartment if you leave your windows open. All day, night, and even early morning, you can hear two dozen conversations going on at once, as loud as if they were all standing directly in your living room. The entire six months I managed to stay there (I had to pay almost $900 to break my year lease early, and it was worth every cent!) I found my self screaming "SHUT YOUR WINDOW!" into the court yard 3 or 4 times every night. It was even all that much more fun when everyone would stumble home after last call with whatever they managed to drag back from the bar and all you could hear was a symphony of drunken sex. I highly recommend avoiding this place if you like to get a good night sleep.
  10. i clicked one in the middle of a river and it said: That's where the fish raped me. -anonymous
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