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  1. phorm my nigga im old now and retired but holler i miss you
  2. i am pretty sure me and lingo were split from the same sperm and hatched from the same egg...no homo.. i feel that nigga though
  3. the beef with aent ended after the fight.. aent tossed a few good punches but i tossed a few more..keep it off the net.
  4. yo family get at me ther has my new number i better here from all of you crawfish eating purple drankin slow down music bumping under age girl fucking crewmates!
  5. smyl was my fav person to paint with growing up...if you dont know about smyl know your history portland..
  6. you are one to talk cutty! glad you are still on my net nuts after being such a pussy in real life. feel free to get ahold of me so we can meet i know you have been a fan for years i would love to sign your book!! i aint putting shit down cutty!! hahaha your a clown
  7. i miss my homie! phorm was the first person to show me how do do a burner.. it was the stock tip era 2001 god i miss those days...
  8. this is what i am talking about bad choice..
  9. back in the days when graff was good its not good anymore but some days i sit and wish that graff was good again... sad but true
  10. depth just ate all of you and shit you out tight pants and all.. please do take notes.
  11. you got a big mouth... cant wait to put my foot in it..
  12. more new flicks please its raining and im burnt out on red tube...
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