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  1. there probably telling u the cops are i looking for u!....fight for ur rights!...the EVIL ONES will set u up...fuck the world!
  2. Re: why do you guys constantly refer to women as 'bitches' even when complimenting th this is a good topic... we probably need to break that habit of giving compliments with the word bitch...women are gods gift to earth anybody can see that. the only thing I would say is there are a few bad apples out there who make it hard for men not to say it. A woman shows love, helps you grow, doesn't complain about every little rock thing, positive,etc... A bitch brings you down, nags and complains, is vindictive, just down right negative about anything... we shouldn't call our women bitches...its a respect thing. but some would say...if YOU want RESPECT, learn to GIVE IT! have good night WALK IT OUT!
  3. I feel sorry for whoever paid that fight..anyway De La HOYA won, they gave too many points to Mayweather.
  4. get your mother some red pumps...that's a real motherfucking gift.
  5. that poster is fuckin badass!...sell that joint for like a cool 20000 son. on the headline... if no one loves u, might ass well love yourself..
  6. not a stupid thread... slept on writas are...... DINK VYELS HEX L.A. AME ZUES JOUKS SCORE RAEP EASY TWIST CLAW MISS17 DIVA DONA just to name a few....
  7. lol...stop peeing in the shower. if you can't hold it pee in the can of beer, drink it, then when ur done showerin piss in the toilet...o what a feelin
  8. adoption is cool but whast with the celebrtiy trend?
  9. wow that's some wall. why a vw? you shoulda put a Yellow Hummer or somethin
  10. I'm not gonna front...I voted for catface but I'm looking at the ANON tilts and dem tilts is very, very....very. juicy. I knowwwww I'm not the only one to see this.
  11. brazillqin women are fucking exotic to the highest power, but then again I have the serious fetish for Latina women. they should make a Latina Women Holiday FO sho...best race of women by far!
  12. damn!....I thought you was gonna have some flicks of Pwerto rican pecan chicks!....O Well.
  13. most likely I'm gonna slice my throat or wrist in the tub with some cold water in it... lets face!...nobody will give a fuck about me...that's just reality. its coming soon. peace and live YOUR life
  14. I think it was a cool flick..graff wise..makes you wonder, was it really worth it.?
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