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  1. Jeez give em a break, they just learned how to play fetch
  2. El Mamerro


    It's been out for PC since June! On Epic Game Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. The latter is a ridiculous deal at $4.99 a month, currently playing Outer Worlds off it too... pretty good, but nowhere near as good as Wilds.
  3. El Mamerro


    Dishonored 2 fucking owns. That whole genre of immersive sim stuff is incredible. Also Outer Wilds (not Worlds) is the best game of the year by a mile. sorry, not accepting dissenting opinions
  4. Insects (all self caught) and animal skulls (not self caught)
  5. * also can you make the forum sidebar on the left collapsible?
  6. @misteravenSo with regards to point #3, here's a screenshot of what this thread looks like on ultrawide (2560x1080). Lack of forced max width means crazy long lines of text: With regards to #5 (and maybe #2), it's sort of hard to explain without hand gestures, but for example, the message window here: ...every corner of that message window is activated (clockwise from top left: post time, report/share, reactions, quote), and separated by long stretches of dead space. Maybe these would these be better served if they were laid together in line on the left under the post (sort of Reddit style)? Also, seems inconsistent to have some functions as text and some as just icons. Ideally you'd have both for all functions, but otherwise better to stick to one primarily. And then there's that user profile sidebar in the message, which I think just takes up so much space for something that we quickly become blind to. Only the name really matters, and avatars are cool but seem way too big here and they lose their charm pretty quick. Again, much bigger fan of how it's handled in mobile, with small avatar, name right next to it + post time + rep, done... and it's on top of the message rather than the side, which means it does a better job as a post divider. And finally, here's a rendering error I get often (Chrome OSX) that messes up the formatting and breaks scannability; the quote/reaction footer detaches from the bottom:
  7. Funny you mention traffic being mostly mobile, I was gearing up for a longer response here on my phone but then remembered typing on a phone sucks, which is why social media favors brevity which is why reading patterns have changed so much. The site is wonderful to read on mobile, but there’s no fixing phone typing, which disincentivizes long-form participation. Ill hit you up with screens and better explanations when I’m back on desktop!
  8. Damn, I just dropped a bunch of complaints in the feedback thread before seeing this one... Going with Fluid for now, but I really do wish there were similarly flexible options for reading threads.
  9. I honestly have a really hard time with the current forum's layout and composition on desktop. I find it deeply uncomfortable to read. The contrast level is too low overall, especially for main message text. Everything else pops out so much more than what should be the most important bit of info: the message itself. Lots of similar-sized text for multiple different hierarchies of info. Seems to rely more on very subtle contrast level variations to differentiate and I feel like I'm doing more work than I should to scan around. Text stretches indefinitely with browser window size. As an ultrawide monitor user who is often full-screened, this absolutely wrecks readability for me. A lot of pictures load super large, uncomfortably so. Super easy to lose track of where one is in a thread as skinny post dividers slip in between images. Huge amounts of blank space, punctuated by small bits and bobs of text and color on every corner. It feels both too sparse and too noisy at the same time, I don't know how. None of this is an issue on mobile, where it looks wonderful (but which I'll rarely use) except maybe the contrast issue. A specific example I'd point out is how nice and compact the user info is at the top of each post header on mobile, compared to desktop where it's blown up as an entire sidebar that ends up spilling down a ton of dead space on longer posts. On general issues, it's a fact that reading patterns have changed, unfortunately, mine included. For me it's not so much social media as it is Reddit, where no one is really obligated to keep messages short, but the general etiquette is to do so anyways. Also, just 2 or 3 days ago I logged in here and some of the top posts where bumped "classic" threads that are deeply homophobic/transphobic/misogynist, and I don't know about yall, but I'm in a different place in life these days and I don't have patience for any of that shit. I know I don't have to read them but the fact that they're still around and people are getting yuks out of them definitely gives me pause on coming back if this community hasn't grown past that.
  10. I can't explain much else cause I'm frankly not super involved with the technical aspects of social... but it does seem that hitting mid-double digit followers causes the algorithm to start dropping you pretty badly. Not sure why, but I'm guessing it's to reduce bigger accounts dominating regular users' feeds and instead surfacing more regular-people stuff. Paid is working OKish but we don't put out organic-looking posts on paid, they're straight up ads. IG Stories working gangbusters though.
  11. What TreSixO said. You hit the anti-Goldilocks zone with your follower count and now it's throttled until you start paying up. Starting to hit this with my company at 17k followers, and now having to do more paid posts to get reach.
  12. What happened when I clicked this thread: Oh this is great, lots to read just like in the old dayssssszzzzz.... *glazes over everything*.... "oh shit seeks posted".... scroll scroll scroll... click on page 2... scroll scroll scroll... "Tesseract!"... scroll scroll scroll... jump directly to page 4, scroll directly to last comment. My ability to read longform internet is absolutely fucking destroyed. I am super interested in reading all this thread in depth and yet I immediately felt assaulted by text. This is like learning to ride a bicycle all over again, holy shit. I will return to this once I get my bearings.
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