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  1. What happened when I clicked this thread: Oh this is great, lots to read just like in the old dayssssszzzzz.... *glazes over everything*.... "oh shit seeks posted".... scroll scroll scroll... click on page 2... scroll scroll scroll... "Tesseract!"... scroll scroll scroll... jump directly to page 4, scroll directly to last comment. My ability to read longform internet is absolutely fucking destroyed. I am super interested in reading all this thread in depth and yet I immediately felt assaulted by text. This is like learning to ride a bicycle all over again, holy shit. I will return to this once I get my bearings.
  2. El Mamerro

    The Where Are They Now, prelude to a 12oz Reunion Thread

    yo yo where ma boi makros at
  3. El Mamerro

    The Nonsense thread

  4. El Mamerro

    The Nonsense thread

  5. El Mamerro

    The Nonsense thread

  6. El Mamerro

    27 dead in elementary school shooting

    It appears to me the proper way to fight government tyranny is by using doctors and cars against them. Cause clearly they're far more effective.
  7. El Mamerro

    Fuck the Police

    He probably deserved it.
  8. El Mamerro

    The Nonsense thread

  9. El Mamerro

    a month in the desert. northern NV photothread

    That looks like the weirdest Burning Man ever.
  10. El Mamerro

    ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

    Although I can't particularly say that tingling in my scalp is a vivid part of it, all my life I've experienced what I privately call "the shiver", which sounds a hell of a lot like the rest of the description of this phenomenon. A lot of the time it comes about after I've been drinking... I can feel the sensation just starting to simmer, and I can usually consciously carry it to completion, its this big almost overwhelming electrical wave that starts from the head and goes down my torso and all the way to the ends of my extremities, lasts like 10 seconds or so. It happens often as well if I'm driving and having a cigarette, which often scares me a bit cause the sensation is really quite strong and makes it hard to focus on the road for a few seconds. I also get them when sober or without nicotine, but it happens less often, and I've never really paid attention to what triggers it. The video examples I'm finding don't really do it, maybe because I'm too conscious about feeling it, but there is something oddly familiar and "tickly" watching those videos of people doing intricate methodical work. It's funny that I've never really looked up the phenomenon cause I didn't know if it was common and didn't know how to describe it, but it's pretty awesome to hear that this happens to others. Great find dude...
  11. El Mamerro

    I'm kinda pissed about the Total Recall remake

    Well, George Lucas wrote the screenplays himself, and he had a pretty decent collection of actors, he just didn't direct their performances into anything special. In other news, Prometheus was a spectacular visual ride in IMAX 3D, but otherwise it's two hours of watching characters behave incomprehensively stupid followed by a big TO BE CONTINUED that suggests anything that's actually conceptually interesting may or may not be explored in the sequel. If someone offers you to play a drinking game where you take a shot (and slap your forehead) every time a character does something moronic or completely unearned, do not play that game because you will die. Avengers >>>>>>>>>>> Prometheus
  12. El Mamerro

    The Nonsense thread