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  1. ^^ BACH, MOZART, BORATTO. ARTIST. SUNTREE FREEDOM Perfect Stranger - Prata da casa (Riktam Bansi remix) MUTE _ SPACE AND TIME Pena and Perfect Stranger - Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam Remix) [Minimal Techno 2010] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88gEmy0cMPM Riktam & Bansi - No fear <~~~~ MINT MINT LOUD AS FUCK Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins (Riktam & Bansi Remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9FaOij6kOM&feature=related Umek - You Might Hear Nothing (Original Mix) <~~ SHAKE YA PLATES OFF Dj Umek - Posing As Me Video [High Quality] <~~~~ GREAT CLIP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vPu2kVPLTo&feature=related ALL SOME DOPE SHIT FUCK ALL YOU HARDCORE TIGHT PANT HIPHOP CLOCK SUCKING CUNTS REAL TUNES THAT PUT IT DOWN NO COTTON CANDY N FANCY DRESS. DIRTY TECHNO.
  2. props to peeps who know what up. tech/minimal what ever the fuck it is... all day :D . AND THE SKY WAS PINK
  4. this threads been degraded by the b grade porn. Keep it classy 12oz
  5. I have been obsessed with guy boratto this dude production is too clean. On another note. past month i have opend up to "deep house", tho i find the "funky" sound not as enjoyable. I think its the tech that im loving. trentemoller has some amazing stand out tracks. but this track me short of breath for a good while!! Tell me if im on the right path with the "tech" element of deep house cos this shits just 2cool. Firstly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6k8rYeYw44 Secondly
  6. http://www.quakelive.com RZR/SRS CYPHER COOLLER :D only game u ever need.
  7. Just wow, i slept on this thread way too long, i got home last nite @ about 2am, its now 2pm. for the past 12 hours i have been going through this thread. realy enjoying it! i have alot of ninjatune, djshadow, cenematic orchestra, GSYBE, ectera but four tet realy stands out man. im keen on seeing some more of this guys work! :D
  8. www.quakelive.com 100% free online shooter :D
  9. De sign


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjIrvJmnCME MODELS ON COCAINE ( great track)
  10. 4 day outdoor festival. gg :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  11. Yo Vulcan, You gotta do a film output, (your image on clear plastic). then burn your image into a screen with emulsion and light. from there its on you :D eerr lotsa typing.. umm just have a browse about the net. Tshirtforums.com is a good one for starting. (google tshirt forums) move on to screenprinters.net/forum for some more serious print heads. Here is a image of how its done in the simplest way.
  12. Nice one mate, ah, with the "pin holes" (holes in the emulsion) get some emulsion from your bulk, and get a tomato sauce (ketchup) bottle a squeeze one and put it in there, put a drip on the screen (platen side) and use something flat and flexible to smooth it out (i use a bit of ice cream container i cut out) over all your holes, before printing otherwise you will go though a heap of sticky tape on the back of your screen :) not that nail polish wouldn't work, just another thing you don't need, know what i meen, Over the past fre years i have done heaps of experiments and had a lot of fun! dont hesitate on trying something new!! i think printings about getting dirty @ the start, but in the end its about being as clean as you can :) (no one likes fingerprints on shoulders) I made a good as wash bay the other week for less than $100 (AUS) ;) keen to see more prints soon!! hope i helped. =)
  13. printing on jerseys (hoodies?) is similar, just really rub it down to your platen and use a little more off contact. =)
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