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  1. so i roll em up back to back fat as i could, you got beef wit styles p i come and splatter the hood
  2. Try to focus on money and a career maybe? I know your ass don't want to be fuckin with HD forever. Instead of sitting home thinking about shit, put your energy toward making resumes and sending them out to jobs and all sorts of shit like that. Workout too. You just got to fill the time between work and partying with constructive shit that takes your mind to another place.
  3. Anti-Depressants are wack homie don't fuck with that shit. I been feeling like shit for the past 4 or 5 days. I am almost positive it is with-drawl. I wake up in the morning feeling tired as fuck and my whole body aches and I have no motivation to do anything. Everything seems worthless and I feel like I am "stuck." It comes and goes, I tell myself to quit bitchin. I pump iron and listen to music.
  4. link 2 works but when i click download it fucking gives me popups and takes me to the homepage of the site but i get nothing allowing me to hit save n download. now i got parts 1 and 3..great
  6. fly ass weekend. last night did a kegger of yuengling and smoked crazy sour diesels els all night tonight went to a block party until 3 a.m drank free corona heineken and yuengling all night..cooked burgers at 2 am and smoked mass weed..now im eating ice cream and gonna smoke a bowl and goto bed soundtrack to the night= dipset..cha ching-cha ching
  7. http://www.youtube.com/jp.swf?video_id=4JMOh-cul6M&eurl=http%3A//www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D115341%26page%3D60&iurl=http%3A//img.youtube.com/vi/4JMOh-cul6M/default.jpg&t=OEgsToPDskK0qtPMMfivZwX2_iYegJev
  8. Got a job today. Commissioned 50% on all sales for a state organization. Executive so I can work from the 'home office.' Got another interview for an IT job next week. 100k a year scrilla gorilla So tonight I got a keg of Yuengling over my boy's crib. His house is dope as fuck with a bar and everything. Time to get ripppedddddddddddd. I will report back later.
  9. i dunno sarah i think mines more leet, i need to get an assortment like you though you got me there drunkasshole - yeah that hat is my favorite. i just realized i pretty much wear all red outfits 24/7. i'm gonna get shot. rofl
  10. I can put books on my video Ipod and read them there. Didn't they come out with a digital book thing like an Ipod but just for books also?
  11. Just download a book like downloading movies. cheapass 2k7
  12. Whatchu know about the ill "jagermeister keychain necklace jawn" BEHOLD
  13. chainwallets were the fucking shit in elementary school
  14. past couple pages looking nice...
  15. hahah this shit was fucking hilarious
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