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  1. Vivre


    baaaahhhhh, havent been on here in forever... http://soundcloud.com/formulad/knad-cameron-brown
  2. definitely not for the attention deficit crowd
  3. i don't think making 'pr0phet' is going to work out, we're struggling to keep up the twelve
  4. i cant confirm ball touching, but i wouldn't rule it out
  5. looking at cokes just makes me thirsty
  6. Vivre

    Dear ________,

    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear kinda ugly ho that likes me, ill bang you as long as you tell no one. -apdfanclub ps: i know your going to tell everyone, so just know i'll deny that shit till i die
  7. Austin police department fan club, yes homo
  8. i never said xenu represented nambla. nambla was representing itself on xenu's piece
  9. http://www.drawball.com/7jqn7gd nambla representing in center page
  10. are we just saying fuck the bubbles outline?
  11. well, the oz was puked on. fuck. i feel like a part of vandal squad
  12. in school we had to vote for president. they didnt have ron paul on the ballot, so i wrote him in. on the outcomes of the 'election', it had ron paul with 4 write-ins. im starting the revolution slow but sure
  13. found this thread by accident, since ive got nothing better to do with my attention deficit, im here to help keep the 12 alive.
  14. this thread isn't 'retarded spots' anymore.
  15. doing good so far alts. keep it simple for a long while and slowly progress
  16. uh, yeah left handed is pretty easy. for me, right handed sounds harder just because im left handed.
  17. Re: It's The Shit Thread - no homo I'm failing all my classes, and don't intend on passing them. shit
  18. ...he wants to get rid of the FBI and CIA. i like him, don't get me wrong, but you cant be saying shit like that
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