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  1. 1988

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    Oontz! Gotta get back into it.
  2. 1988

    Oldest registration date on 12oz?

    '88... Since before '03!
  3. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    Revival anyone?
  4. 1988


    Wonk Saggin...
  5. 1988

    CALIgula's 10 Year 12oz Anniversary!!

    I just logged in after mad long to prop you... May all your wishes come true...
  6. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    And a new list to keep up the motivation, possibly... Due by the 1st of the month? 01. Dead Rapper 02. Old Timey 03. Liquid 04. Foreign 05. Domestic 06. 666 07. Hand Crafted 08. Black 09. Locomotive 58. Absurd 11. New World Order 12. Goodwill (thrift/secondhand store) Bonus * Deez Nuts ** Perveract (as per usual)
  7. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    Phone shots... 1. nightlife 2. from the car 3. green 4. fire 5. public bathroom 6. crime? 7. infrastructure 8. water x2 9. animal 10. superstition 11. food 12. music/entertainment *mandatory bonus. perveract... @Caligula ** double bonus. fuck the police No photo needed... FUCK THE POLICE!
  8. 1988

    a month in the desert. northern NV photothread

    Pink Cadillac?... Let's link up this weekend? Info sent to pm
  9. 1988

    a month in the desert. northern NV photothread

    Damn, just seen your message. Have not logged on in a bit... I'm sure you left the area by now, but, if you ever find yourself in "The Biggest Little Shithole in the World" again let us know. Cheers! BTW - Your inbox is full
  10. 1988

    This nigga Dirty Taco Steve has 92 posts today

    I only have 2,908 posts in 9 years... Guess I'm doing it wrong.
  11. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    Gracias, looks like it worked out... Thanks to your unofficial/official 12oz meet up spot... Oh and big ups to Mercer too.
  12. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    Rust... Grey... Distorted... Night... Toy... Craftsman... Flavor... Fly... Historic... *Perveract... **Hop Year (yeah, I know)...
  13. 1988

    **1969 PHOTO HUNT THREAD**

    Resolute... Not really a resolution... But I took this photo on New Years and I need to do more Clampin' ... Weathermen... Food... Everyday... Motion or lackthereof... Golden... Camera = HTC EVO... Nothing special... Cheers!