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    I love Vondel Park Aptly named shop, only the Dutch could be so blunt.. Philly Cheesesteak in Amsterdam Its party time
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    2 buck chuck brunch wifey gettin pot roast ready won four bucks total- lost it all for teh meat-sins took a dog nap dinner almost time dinner is served watched war of the worlds and got freaked out a lil'
  3. 3 points
    Couple of days in pie form. Traveling down to Newcastle for a jam. First through to my mate's though so I could get a iift in the morning. Very short of money, so turned this into this: And took it to the bank to change it into less irritating currency. I also pawned an old guitar and amp that I haven't used once for over ten years. Been meaning to do it for ages so it paid my way. Took some washing down to bring with me, it wasn't quite dry yet though which was a bit of a cunt. Lunch in the bus station Seen these guys. Were they mocking me...? Bus pulling in Waiting in the queue I saw this guy. Thought he had a DAO ring on for a moment Arriving in Glasgow Met up with folk and headed to a pub where our mate was working, got some free drinks and some delicious pizzas. Me and Kong Man's drink! Next morning, rolling past a spot done the night before. Much driving ensued, didn't take any photos. First thing we see when we arrive is some friends who got the train down already steaming with some tourist tat they stole on the way (the hair is attached to the hat btw). Started pouring for a bit, got pretty wet but then the sun came out and I dried up fairly quickly. Some nice unfinished pieces. Steaming friend from earlier flaked out pretty early and went to sleep on the edge of the ledge. Pretty stupid idea. haha Quite a rough drop Watched some folk finishing up Detail of a mate's piece. We were late so all of the best walls were taken. Worked out fine though.
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  5. 2 points
    anyone ever get those on their eye?
  6. 2 points
    some things over the last week or so orange ricotta ravioli w/ a cinnamon and sugar tortilla crisp, a chipotle dark chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.(i entered this recipe into a competition where you have to utilize chile's in a dessert.) bockwurst w/ braised cabbage , warm german potato salad and dijon sauce roast pork tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes and baked Parmesan tomatoes w/ whole grain mustard pan sauce sauteed halibut, rice pilaf and sauteed veg w/ parsley and dill pan sauce salmon mousseline w/ sauce choron and cous cous salad sole en papillote w/ leeks,parsnips, carrots and sauce vin blanc apple tartlet w/ dark brown sugar sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
  7. 2 points
    Leaving the spot This dog was wondering around the bar we were at. Found scrabble Drinking outside. The place was relaxed as fuck. Was good. Some folk painted some tings Grim little shop. The Evening Chronicle seems especially illiterate. End of the night McD's
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    Hot german girls I was drinking with in London on my last night there Sex on the beach jugs were my drink of choice for this part of the evening Amsterdam Street performer Hot Dutch girls who took me to the gay parade /nohomo The chick with the pink wig on had 5 friends who were all smoking hot all dressed the same Girls from Finland First coffeshop we hit up, took this pic a few days later
  9. 2 points
    I heard Florida has the worst weather on earth.
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  11. 1 point
    Baller ass Ferrari The car we should have hired Hotel room in London Destroying people at Trocadero in London
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    Have done. Worked 30 hours straight. Worked 16 hour days for 19 days straight. hit a professional skateboarder with a skateboard. Not done. Never tried smoking. Drank a cup of coffee. Never went on an airplane till I was 26.
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    ^^^ Agreed. Is that the gorge amphitheater?
  17. 1 point
    Did you mix them? That's worse than crossing the streams.
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    props on the pot roast! fuck that looks good..
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    youre the coolest person alive
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    Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Manute Bol ::looks around confused:: i'm assuming by dsls you mean dick sucking lips i guess confusion only persists because, like earl said, i'm a chick and therefore slightly out of your usual ''dsl'' range. as in i dont have a penis. as in, i cant offer your brown eye anything nor would i want to. i especially know how you like to offer hand jobs for props(as seen in your post about how you got all yer ticktacs and if you get any more you offer handjobs). no the words latent homosexual will not cross my dsls. yer secrets safe with me bro. oh and whatttup. enuf talkytalky i got the yanks and sox to prep for. best wishes, Tookthetime p.s. why the screen name for some tall ninja?are you 7'7 or was ur mother part of some special tribe that gets to name her son special blessing??
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    Not yet. I want to work on something better than what I had set out before I got yours. Then OT, 6 - 6, 6 days a week kicked. But I will get it done and into the box for you. You are not forgotten!
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    Pear doing it again and again and again. bump the fuck outta pear
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    stupid cause your not strong enough to do it.
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    also, double check all wiring making sure they are connected properly and are connected to the correct inputs. and if you have speakers or any other magnetic device within a couple of feet of the set move them away to see if that helps.
  35. 1 point
    these kids paint with invisible ink? cause i aint ever seen any of them up
  36. 1 point
    ok heres my day woke up wifey wifey's tat flash my corgi gettin ready for this listen to some beat random pic on pole farmers mkt. bought some bought some looked at some cool tables bought some bought some bought some bought some cool daddy -o big doggy bought some went here got hated on by this douche-was hawkin the wifey-she told him he couldnt handle it
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    Damn nice! Made me hungry! Got to get my flicks online soon too.
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    To the North I went and I walked Came to this sign after dodging bikes and mini cars walked a bit more and took this photo then returned on my way back Crazy Austrian girls round of drinks for me and the Austrians drunk Irish girls have the best time Royal Palace Another coffeshop, forgot the name of this place, anyone know? Pancakes bitches Gave this girl one of my personal 'Redlight tours' Pubcrawl
  41. 1 point
    I am sorry to say DAO but judging by your response, it isn't physically impossible at all. Fact is, we were NOT making a porno and had to worry about getting the camera shots and things, but fact is, no ball rubbing occured. Sorry to burst your homo fantasy bubble there chief, now I will let you go back to getting your hole fingerbanged by your wife. You left that off your list Harvey.
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    that shit looks like WAY TO MUCH Computer-generated imagery (CGI) looks worse then the GI Joe movie the characters look more like cartoons then real, they must have studied Who Framed Roger Rabbit on how to add cartoons to a human movie
  43. 1 point
    wheres the homer DOH lol kinging the forest ;)
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  49. 1 point
    Drank this to wake up. Jumped on this bad boy, and headed to my only job.
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