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  1. On my way to school this morning, i experienced something i wish to never experience again. My bus got hijacked. fucking shit. I was baked as hell, smoked a nice fat joint of some Supafiya Kush while walking to my bus stop, so everything was even more intense than it should have been. i walk up to the bus, notice there is no driver in it, but some random dude just chillen by the door with his hands in his pockets. It didnt look right, but i was like whatever, this dude aint really bout to jack this shit. So i hop on, walk to the back where i usually sit, turn on my ipod and get comfy. Then, after a couple of minutes, since the bus was at its rest stop at the transit center, dude gets on, jumps in the drivers seat, puts his goddamn headphones on, and then drives off, smoothly, like he was trying to pass for the driver. Half way to my college, dude starts speeding up, going straight nutts and drives right into a fucking ditch, causing the bus to flip over onto its side. Everyone was rattled, like wtf just happened. I was tripping out hard, because i was hella high, and super late to class. I was also carrying a decent sack of the greens on me, and knowing the pigs were about to show up, possibly search everyone for evidence, bla bla bla (the paranoia had set in), i had to get rid of it asap. So i quickly dug my bag from out of my pocket and through it out the window. Fucking great idea. : ( I never made it to class either. A class i had a paper due in. Hopefully, he will believe my story and accept my work late or something.
  2. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo the way you put words together is just mind blowing.
  3. did you know there are two different types of whales, according to: http://www.essortment.com/all/factsonwhalek_rsdn.htm ?
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