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  1. shit, out of curiosity I found this link in my bookmarks and wanted to see if I remembered my password and it still worked. Hola!
  2. could've just changed the P into a D
  3. shellshock


    just copped an old english 3 speed bike. shit is built like a tank! anybody else have one one here?
  4. anyway to save this on hardrive to play anytime i wanted?
  5. even as a profoundly deaf person my dreams have the most vivid soundtracks and interesting voices/dialogs and my deafness rarely ever play a role
  6. why is hellen keller a bad driver? because she's a woman
  7. stomach flu makes me entitled to do this. 2 days in a roll now
  8. i can appreciate a good b-boy circle but that was some faggoted fairy flying shit. you know when its ghey is when bystanders that don't b-boy get in the circle and shows them up with the sex moves.
  9. the thing with mongo besides looking silly is that you use the same front foot to push and do flip tricks leaving the back foot almost useless except to tap the tail. plus on top of that your back foot while pushing mongo isn't ready to tap the tail till the front foot is back on the board so you can reposition the back foot to tap the tail. I see this as a waste. Its just far more practical to skate goofy/regular for the most part. unless down the road when the person is more experienced, switch comes into play.
  10. once banned a kid from the cool kid skate crew in middle school cuz he skated mongo. told him he might as well rollerblade
  11. ATT already has a data only plan, you just gotta convince them you're deaf
  12. my vday composes of not planning shit, telling non committed woman to come over, we then walked over to the pho joint get my noodles on, afterwards went shopping for sake and booze, headed back to the casa watched blood in blood out while doing lines of coke, shots of sake and chasing it with beer, got dome, then ordered late night pizza, played poker, then gave her a dicking then went to sleep the end,,
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