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  1. MomentIsNow


    So my cousin is in a dance crew, which is eligible to compete in the finals of a dance competition but the decision has been left to the population of Facebook. So now, I'm asking for your assistance in helping his dance crew make it to the finals. It would be much appreciated. http://www.facebook.com/questions/543839392312260//?notif_t=question_answer Vote for Royal Rythm if you feel like helping :)
  2. MomentIsNow

    BEAT the picture above you

  3. MomentIsNow


    can vouch, it works.
  4. MomentIsNow

    The Photography Thread

    it's been a while homies.
  5. MomentIsNow

    THE before and After THREAD!!

  6. MomentIsNow

    and again, pictures of cars..

    lol yes, weird things happen in Japan. I can only imagine how many hours went into making that conversion work. for the 240/180 guys
  7. MomentIsNow

    and again, pictures of cars..

    It's a 350z actually, :lol:
  8. MomentIsNow

    and again, pictures of cars..

    Lexus GS series in North America, Toyota Aristo over in Japan. Not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate a job well done..
  9. MomentIsNow

    The Photography Thread

    Some recent shots, excuse the quality, I had to upload them onto facebook as I forgot the password to the flickr account I made recently, lol fail. and a shot I found that I took from 2 years ago: that thing was intense, i was at least 10 feet away and the backfire still managed to shake my lens, looked kinda cool to me.
  10. MomentIsNow

    How ghetto is ghetto exactly? ...

    really ghetto apparently, lol. http://www.reallyghetto.com and since everyone loves them and so do I, tits!
  11. MomentIsNow

    Someone is using my friends name and crossing my stuff

    wait a minute, I'm not the only one that writes zole?!