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  1. So my cousin is in a dance crew, which is eligible to compete in the finals of a dance competition but the decision has been left to the population of Facebook. So now, I'm asking for your assistance in helping his dance crew make it to the finals. It would be much appreciated. http://www.facebook.com/questions/543839392312260//?notif_t=question_answer Vote for Royal Rythm if you feel like helping :)
  2. lol yes, weird things happen in Japan. I can only imagine how many hours went into making that conversion work. for the 240/180 guys
  3. Lexus GS series in North America, Toyota Aristo over in Japan. Not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate a job well done..
  4. Some recent shots, excuse the quality, I had to upload them onto facebook as I forgot the password to the flickr account I made recently, lol fail. and a shot I found that I took from 2 years ago: that thing was intense, i was at least 10 feet away and the backfire still managed to shake my lens, looked kinda cool to me.
  5. really ghetto apparently, lol. http://www.reallyghetto.com and since everyone loves them and so do I, tits!
  6. wait a minute, I'm not the only one that writes zole?!
  7. Ha, I'm picking up a car this weekend too, I'm just a bit more on the JDM baller side... the '87 Cressida, kind of baller, lol. It will be turned into this:
  8. From a recent drift day, ^One of the cleanest, if not cleanest S13 240sx in toronto.
  9. Those would be rotiforms, BLQ's to be exact.
  10. FOLLOW THESE STEPS VERY CAREFULLY. 1. Get on a plane. 2. Sit in your assigned seat and wait for your neighbor. 3. Take out your laptop. 4. Slowly open your laptop. 5. Turn it on. 6. Make certain your neighbor is watching. 7. Open your internet browser. 8. Close your eyes for a few moments, open them and then look up to the sky. 9. Breathe deeply and click this link 10. Look at your neighbor's face.
  11. You did indeed. It's all mismatched right now though, function>form. I'm going to pick up a CF hood and repaint the whole thing soon. Don't mind the mismatched wheels either, my rear tires were bald as shit from having too much fun with my foot down. So I put the Enkeis from the front on the back and stockers on the front as a temporary fix. ~~ To keep the thread moving:
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