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Ghost of Hank Williams

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  1. There's a jailbreak for 3.0. I can't rejailbreak until I update my osx.
  2. Yeah well Tom cruise thinks Scientology is real to.
  3. I fucking can't Stand vegans. It's the hip thing to be now. Fucking faggots.
  4. Put it in a mail order bride catalog. Maybe he might get it.
  5. I'm jailbroken and would rather have 3.1. My shit is running way too slow.
  6. Looks like 3.1 got pushed back again. Doesn't matter to me since my laptop is running 10.3. If only someone *cough cough* knew how to mail things haha.
  7. Shit I was in walmart yesterday and saw a tall chubby bitch with her shirt knotted in the front and some dirty ass daisy dukes. She had the fattest legs. By the time I got my phone out to take a picture she was gone.
  8. just caught that cope reefer in the south..
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