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  1. My vote goes to PESK. enough with the B-S ladies anyone who knows anything about the history of graff knows thats FILLS are the biggest part of a burner. If this were a throwie battle i may change my vote. OLD SKOOL RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!
  2. shorty, stop being so modest
  3. thats something id like to see a PESK -MEK exchange or better yet a colabo
  4. now that you guys are stepping it up ill just sit back and enjoy. MEK's tight as always but i think PESK is taking this one. my vote stays with in the TA fam.
  5. forgot to say this is PESK TA's entry
  6. got stay loyal and give it to my boy PESK. his fills are 2nd to none
  7. NOOOOOOOOO. DONT DO IT. RUN NOW. just kidding good luck
  8. MEK was tight but im gonna have to go with MINUS. he rocked 2 of em
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