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what to use to scribe tags on sinks, mirrors, and soap dispensers etc?


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im new too graffiti and i just wanted to understand what are good and popular tools to use to carve tags on mirrors sinks etc. Iv been using regular rocks but sometimes its kinda hard to write since its all deformed. one thing i noticed is that rocks wont carve into sinks and barely into soap dipensers so i wanted to know good alternatives for that. last thing if you guys post tools please put what stores i can get them if they are in stores. thanks guys :p

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Use razor blades. The proper technique is to grab the razor blade between your first two fingers and the palm of your hand and grip it as tight as you can. you might notice a little stinging sensation but don't mind that or the small amounts of blood that might appear, now take the razor blade and proceed to carve your name into the sink with it. It is kinda hard and you have to use as much force as possible. Your hand will make a perfect seal with the razor blade allowing you to get great leverage and carve it in as deep as you possibly can.

For doing soap dispensers its a bit more tricky. The best trick I have learned is to take a can of some cheap paint and some color you are never going to use like gold or silver or any fluorescent color and bring that in the bathroom with you, take a knife and stab the can around the top once you are in there. Cut the top of the can off, and use the jagged edge around the top to do your tag. Thats how to make it look the freshest. You need to use a new can each and every time though since the soap dispensers ruin the top of the can fairly easily and it won't do as good of a tag the second time and everyone will think you are a toy if you keep using the same can.

Don't listen to all the haters who don't want to tell you the tricks of how we do stuff, they just don't want to see a young G come up.

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