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  1. so it looks like a certain class 1 is in the process of putting locks on their units, is there a way to open the emergency roof hatch from the outside? does any body know on ge units? or how to gain access to a dpu that is locked.. i know there is only a couple of keys that you need and i am going to get my hands on them one day but until then.. please pm me this info, there is already way to much info on this tread.
  2. locking dpu in canada now .. likely because of shit like this
  3. holy shit nice picture stayfly, i was in montreal in the summer and theres still a few streaks of his kicking .. ill edit in a picture of some if i remember
  4. lol i bet you guys love when it starts getting cold and all the toy tourists go home.. stuff returns to normal. this toy cant wait to get his welfare and ride a unit home somebody went over a couple day old labrona on a rail car.. thats pretty weak.. -keenur
  5. The second picture in your 5th post, that coupler
  6. Nice pictures, the photo quality gets better as you scroll though. Really bright and shit.
  7. shit where all loser legal lames gunna paint now
  8. lol the guy with the nose has quite the arsenal of videos on youtube
  9. Everybody that posts in this thread is a king your a toy if you disagree
  10. Fuck a bag just wear it all the time dude
  11. If I could cross the border I would target going over everything Jesus Saves has ever done. I like the messsage but honestly that shit is UGLY
  12. nycisdead- i really appreciate those pictures and im sure im talking for alot of other people, and ive never been to nyc.
  13. you guys must have some good automaxxx spots here
  14. i like it when they go to fast to read the graffiti
  15. the quote underneath whistle blower in the first picture
  16. why do all these pictures look stupid? like foggy or something? all that old santa fe equipment was worth the click though..
  17. Taking pictures through the window rolling past yards on commuter rail does not qualify as benching.
  18. House and YahBoy in yesterdays Gazette, front section near the back.
  19. I just saw that Ichabod&Aper intermodal yesterday mourning in Toronto going west.
  20. lot of super cool stuff , that red t box is neat. TAKE AN ALBERTA BREAK!
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