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  1. Seriously, no one here used car plan????
  2. Of course not. Every store that stocked it would ask to see your drivers licence when you walked in otherwise they refused to serve you. Hence all the racking. "real men don't drive"
  3. Funny enough I just found a writer website that were selling carplan t shirts http://stylewarrioruk.wordpress.com/car-plan-t-shirt/
  4. Real men use carplan. Discuss
  5. I'm sure he is. Just wondered whether it was a genuine error or not. If you guys are getting your paint from him with no problems then all good.
  6. A mate bought paint from thelondonvandal.com/shop and never got sent any. The guy wouldn't reply to emails and the site says they ship within 5 days and he waited well over a month. Anyone got ripped off by the london vandal?
  7. Has anyone ordered from the london vandal? Seems cheap but heard mixed things. What's been your experience?
  8. user unknown

    Spray Paint

    What's everyone think about paint from monster colors?
  9. You're right. A writer has to figure shit out for himself without asking. It would have been really gay if someone had asked the forum for advice and then told someone else to figure it out, no handouts. oh......
  10. I'm looking to visit a graff shop near the south coast of england (near hastings way, then eastbourne). Is there any shops down that way to get supplies?
  11. The skinny caps i've put on still come out huge. Is there any that will make thin lines on the burner chrome?
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