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  1. havent been on here in a long time.. thanks for reminding me why.
  2. should start a classic bay area thread.. 2000 and under. 2000 classic ?? sounds funny huh?
  3. ok King.. since i see people calling out requests.. i wanna see them westerns of you and zen.. the freeway one....i know you have them hard copies (way be for digital cam's) ..... "king ant a boomer" pffffttttt.. HA!.
  4. really? how long you been painting? he's on damn near every line .... you just have to look. and his wall #'s are catching up to his fr8s. Dude it 's fuckn king.
  5. found this the other day!!!! 1994-- puzl
  6. found this in the beautiful losers movie...
  7. Whats up everyone. there is new art donation info on the clout site. check Diars blog. The dates set . see you there!
  8. WOW! thats a fuckn shame right there... hope you foolios took lots of flicks. thats not rad@ all.... say bye bye to a big part of SF history. shitty.
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