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  1. Burger King bathroom, after work 5:30... sidewayz on the diaper station, two packets of mayo, bring daughter, only allowed to watch, then bomb each others names after!
  2. daughter gets disrespected on instagram, father goes out and does that persons throwup... Fucc me
  3. berdsdahwerd

    Spray Paint

    The rustoleum valve sytem is the bees knees
  4. you could try blowing on it for an hour
  5. blow on it for 15 - 30 minutes
  6. Did not watch, but it was terrible
  7. i bet your on that LOTOCOTI tip....laughing on the outside... crying on the inside
  8. a couple lines, those CCLX's are on some back and forth forever businness
  9. This guy need more video comments leaning towards the sarcastic/negative side of things, you know a little bit of that yen and yang stuff, i think he would understand.
  10. Posted a couple of these before in an old related thread. One of my favorite things about walking in a yard is this shit, not all corny ass disses but same deal.
  11. In England it was considered fashionable during the 18th century to hire an "ornamental hermit" http://www.hermitary.com/lore/ornamental_hermits.html,....fuck you pay me
  12. You keep comparing him to yourself which is kind of a retarded thing to do.
  13. Sorry but I'm on a bit of a campaign for this guy... he's fucked, in jail, definitely psychologically warped, suicidal, out of touch and stole from retards or whatever. Not even using the words "role model" just "MODERN AMERICAN HERMIT KING"... he pulled off some crazy shit. It ain't like the establishment/administration he stole from was also retarded, he wasn't snatching plates of food out the hands of some poor dude drooling on himself.
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