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toshio nakamura

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  1. Of course I'm not "amusing" you little bitch vandal. I'm speaking the truth.
  2. Awwww, little bitches gonna go and get me banned? That's alright. Just like right after a real man has to paint over and cleanup your childish little scribbling, you come right back and deface it once again, right? Well, so too will I. JSB
  3. Of course it matters if it's seen! How else are you going to get the so desperatly sought after attention from mommy if she doesn't catch you drawing all over the walls and scribbling on her grown up's paperwork? Sheesh, any half retarded 3 year old instinctively knows that!
  4. Awww, so sad. Are these little pictures of 12oz members after mommy has taken away their crayons so they'd stop drawing all over the walls and furniture? Maybe when they become REAL men they'll outgrow the toddler's instinctive plea for attention. Little bouncing baby bitches.
  5. Yes, I think the 'style' is called "bored little toddler scribbling on everything while mommy's not paying any attention to him" OR "grown man (lol) scribbling on everything while mommy's not paying any attention to him" Which one are you?
  6. toshio nakamura

    Spray safe!

    I wonder if he finds hacking up bits of lung tissue as amusing as defacing people's property? Karma is one mean bitch, ain't she? LOL!
  7. Waaaaaaaaghhh! Did the mean old policeman take the widdle baby's paint away? Awww, I'm sorry! Isums nappy all full now? Maybe when you grow up to be a big boy and know not to go around defacing people's property you'll understand. 19 years old, eh? And acting like a toddler with a box of markers scribbling on anything and everything within reach. Funny thing is, if painting the sides of buildings were YOUR JOB you'd shit your pants and quit before the week was up. Loser.
  8. toshio nakamura

    Spray safe!

    Nooooo, you need to become a man and stop scribbling all over the walls like a little baby when mommys not paying attention to you. Problem solved.
  9. toshio nakamura

    Spray safe!

    Oh how nice! Yes, you don't want to harm your health as you're defacing public and private property. ASSHOLES!
  10. Just go to the local pre-school or day care center and watch all the other little babies scribbling all over the walls in a childish plea for attention! Your mommy will be so proud of her little boy!
  11. Aw, how cute! Here's the little babies who like to scribble all over the walls when mommys not paying attention to them. Just think, one day soon you'll be a BIG BOY and outgrow this childish behavior! Yayyy!
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