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  1. We ain't mafuckahhhhhhhhhhhsssss We mafuckahs
  2. awesome update again man. This is shamanwrote from instgram by the way brotha. Not all insanity is bad
  3. Awesome man. I'm on the road right now. Left friday. again, was back in town for 3 weeks and peaced again. Me and the dog in the wagon. In Altoona now heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow to donate blood and SPERM for some gas money mwhahaha
  4. Hahah someone with less posts than me! But yeah been there done that quite a few times while traveling especially. I love shitting outside. yesterday while fishing I ducked behind a single sapling, grabbed hold with one hand and leaned back and expelled a turd over a foot long i think. wiped with a piece of papertowel, folded a few times to get a few uses from one piece, and a few dry leaves. I'm not sure how thats all considered a shitty situation. a real shitty one is having absolutely nothing to wipe with but yet no where to drop the turd.
  5. yes, brother, i did see you masturbating to an old home video of me last night. but, i'm smiling because i am kind of okay with it. Oh your only mildly embarassed anyhow
  6. Squirrel brains, their livers or kidneys and sometimes deer nuts too. I like eating out of peoples trash where I work too and the bounty i can acquire from dumpsters.
  7. tatanka


    i drink pretty much every night. Once and while, all day but only get real shitty 1 to 2 times a month or less sometimes. I drink but still function and have a lot more to do in life than let drinking or moderate drug use ruin my life and what i enjoy besides.
  8. been able to have minimal control over some stuff in my dreams. last night was veryyy trippy. I've been sleeping in my car at my uncle's farmet and seen him in my dream and was kinda of him and controlled him it was very weird and confused the shit out of my brain even in the dream. i remember it for a second or so then i lost hold
  9. bieber needs a square fist to his teeth i'd probably pay a few bucks, and i'm pretty broke, to do something physically harmful to him and i'm not very violent either
  10. Ban me for not searching dude? i did and not shit about dreams came up. First thing i did was search and then post. My bad. Fist 666 I know what you mean about wakeing up and just being confused sometimes. I had a memory in a dream that during i convinced myself it happened for real then woke up and was mind fucked for a bit. closing your eyes at night is great to go to otherworldy views. I just don't like to sleep, but love dreaming. A few old posts say they suck, its all in your mind what can suck? but sometimes even when dreaming your conscious cuts in and says its okay just a dream but that doesnt stick too long i like the change of reality without doing the drugs to get there.
  11. ill be the five percenter and won't be a dick like 95 percent of the posters on here hahaha. I'm nice to any general person as long as they aren't dicks to me. But use a fuckin sharpie, fat pen baby like muh ladies hahahahahaha
  12. Dreams I wanna hear some dream stories. Or some that wake you up, leaving you like what the fuck. I have a lot of fucking dreams. Hot bitches i've never been with, but maybe will see someday. I read about them a lot and no body really knows what the fuck they are. I have some that when i wake up i almost feel like I had been on acid all night again or something. Call em acid dreams, cuz its like dreaming when your on acid. (still have the image of an evil clown imprinted in my brain from my first time frying on the Appalachian Trail ahah) Had one awhile ago where it was like being on a train or plane or something going by a seaside city like atlantis or something. i just remember being in awe during and after i woke up that morning. seen a flying lionshead eagle awhile ago, damn thing floated through the clouds. Sooo freakin majestic but I drew it and it can't do it justice. Dreams just inspire me sometimes for thoughts and writing and what not. Got any good ones?
  13. Just drove from my uncles place out in the woods and fields where i parked and slept last night. Gonna put a new wheel and tire on my bike and then might do a small day drunk before work this evening. and do some experimental painting
  14. Never give your knife to anyone to "see". Always boil water from a creek or river, hell even tap water can be worse in some cases. when done nutting squeegee the rest of the liquid kids out so she dont dry up in there.
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