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  1. Only when I learned another language did I understand how retarded the English language is. And by that I mean Americanish as well.
  2. GOGP, any movement on my book there, mate?
  3. Not sure what you're getting at ^^^
  4. Ha, you gotta be kidding me. Show me where I judged him in any way. Show me where I said or even implied his body shape was good or bad or even that it was his fault. Pretty sure I asked a simple, objective question and you got you knickers in a twist because you felt I was judging you.
  5. Hahahaha, some one seriously negged me for that because it was 'ignorant'. I think I just pissed off a fat person....
  6. How does that man access his cock? Seriously, how does a guy like that piss and wash? I can't see how his hands could possibly reach all parts of his body, including areas that perform critical functions with 'hands on' requirements for operation and maintainence.
  7. I always wondered how a skeleton could have muscles...
  8. Yeah its all fine until niggas go throwing bread in jars.
  9. Yeah, I think so, might dig through my old flicks when I get back
  10. Was there previously more "innocence" in the world than there is now and what does that Even mean? Are we somehow guilty for being us?
  11. On the topic of getting up I've just landed in Beijing after a two and a half year absence and it seems this city is squarely on the beaten track now. Place has been walked by a bunch of folk, saw some 1up simples near the hotel and a bunch of other shit. When I was here last myself and one local crew were the only kids in town, bar one or two curious internationals passing through. Things have changed...., documenting for the interested.
  12. Hey, you sound like Mr cool guy, you like the cool hip hop, yes! We can hang out and make the graffitis together
  13. I think they were referring to cats gratuitisly posting gore for kiddy thrills, that's the way I took it anyway.
  14. Yeah, seriously there's enough unpleasant shit in daily life as it is without having to see suffering in here too. People who've spent more than a minute or two outside of their own front yard have usually seen enough misery for real to then go seek it out for kicks.
  15. Ha, there's an age when you should stop doing certain things? Sorry, I'll go put on some slippers, a cardigan and sit in a rocking chair, ya fucking clown. Anyway, you go be the rebel you and fuck the system enough for the both of us because my family and my career are more important to me than 'graffiti credibility'.
  16. As I was writing that a little kid just dropped a nard on the floor as he was eating a big bag of lollies about 3 meters from where I'm sitting. God, I wish I was a kid again.
  17. Writers hanging at the marble on George and the skins on town hall steps. Occasionly hostilities would arise. Even back when social identities meant you had to punch on with people not like you: westies v wax heads, writers v skins headbangers v disco wogs and all that shit
  18. Yeah, apologies if it wasn't directed at me. I'm one of those grumpy old cats that gets riled when people who hit the game later than me tell me how to play it.
  19. If this is directed at me, I'm supremely confident that I was facing magistrates for whole cars before you were even born. People 40 plus risking family and career for the approval of others is as gay as fuck. If it wasn't directed at me then disregard.
  20. I'm cool with that. As for red dit, I've never even visited the site, its just an example of a forum that's doing well, as is the cycling forum I'm on. I'd reckon political forums, motoring forums and other subjects with and older demographic would still be doing OK as well.
  21. You gotta really want to get high to hit that kit. Since when is anything out of Russia other than pussy riot and pilminy worth picking up anyway? Rust belt hit for rust belt folk.
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