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Sudamerica photothread: my first trip to BA, MVD and Brazil

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this was cool







i have to admit,i usually only care about taking good flicks of graffiti i like, and i can be picky.

these shots were primarily about the photo, the station, the atmosphere.. or whatever. sowwy for the shit quality of the panels themselves if that's what you're after, Schnitzel





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i thought this was some of the most interesting throwups i've seen.. in sao paulo





i loved sao paulo. love love loved

i'd move there.



the city stretches in every direction. on and on and on






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Thanks for posting them I'm a big fan of grilled subway systems so whatever shots you have look good to me. painted or un painted it's all good. just figured if you had heaps of painted one the passenger trains thread could use some help if you didn't wanna derail the thread..


boy I keep looking for a gap in the travel threads I've got india and vietnam to put up when the heat dies down!

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i've had mate before and i dunno. it's ok. didn't see it much down there except for that stuff in a plastic container. those cups of water are funny as shit. i shoulda flicked one.

*i just found out russian visas are good for a maximum of one month. yay. that's going to be an adventure. dunno when yet though.



india and vietnam?! you need to just get on that. not much traffic in these parts.



and fuck yea. the bird park was awesome but i always feel pain for the captive animals in those things.

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dope thread so far!


also went to some argentinian restaurant called "sigue la vaca" (follow the cow)...all you can eat meat ftw! /no homo


Siga la vaca was fukn dope, the one by the river? Yeah those all you can eat BBQ joints were the fukn bomb, like 99% meat and then a piss tiny lil salad bar :) Also mate tea is fukn dope. I still drink it but getting it imported to Oz is pricey.


Can we see some more BA metro shots pls? or can you post them in the passenger trains thread?


I know this ain't my thread but if people want lemme know. I got quite a few train flicks when I was there, trains can run for a few years over there, they just buff the windows. Some lines were crazy like old NY or some parts of Europe now where ya just sit and every train had a panel or 2 on em. I went to certain lines and just sat there until I'd seen every train. Good times

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the juxtapositions in huge cities can be purty awesome







tiny car in a store

when the security guard saw me taking a picture, he came rushing outside to invite me in. he wouldn't let me refuse




would you like some meat with that meat?



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gay pride in sao paulo




full tilt





more helipads than any other city in the world.

the riche travel by helicopter




but this is still the country that brought us City of God



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..and finally, onto Rio.


the security guy stopped me after i'd taken this photo, the last of like 5..

he was damn nice about it though.





two views from Sugarloaf/Azucar




the redeemer statued is in the clouds



and two from corcovado, which i thought was more stunning




(sugarloaf in the distance)



oh you redeemer you.

having a wide angle is so awesome. everyone was laying on the ground trying to get it all in. my man and i are playing like we're patting jesus on the head without even bending down.



yet another corcovado view


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gaaah the beaches




probably should have brought a tiny tripod.




looking back, Rio is the picturesque, beautiful city. even though the Favelas sneak up on you.




by i liked being in Sampa more.


i'd love to go back, Recife, Florianopolis.. lotsa cities still to see. then there's Carnival.

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nah. i didn't even try. in my old age i am becoming even more anti social.

i didn't even meet up with a friend.


my man went out with some peeps though, had a damn good time. those south americans, they are good folks.

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I find myself doing the same.








I do not find myself in your area that much, but next time I am, we are going to get anti-social drunkz.


Sad but true,

Cil = never met a oontzer other then writers he grew up with

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thanks very much!

i have hundreds of photos... so i try to be selective, plus you know, the uploading takes effort.


so you are preferring the view from sugarloaf up there^

taking that cable car was good fun..


CIL my town is great for gettin drunkz. too great. i stopped drinking.

only smokingz. but hey, still fun.

i've met some good peeps on here, only a few exceptions. haven't done that in years though.

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some more Rio...




a view of a city called Niteroi,i think

you can kinda see Costa E Silva bridge over Guanabara Bay IMG_7857.jpg


the bay





city on the hike down from Corcovado


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