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  1. MyWay


    NY City subways are well fun this time of year. Easier than painting walls sometimes, just go down any random tunnel, u sure to run into some of your fellow jotterz
  2. That's not very nice brickman, I would swap that shit out in a heartbeat even throw in a 6 pack to sweeten the deal. PM me if u serious about prices.
  3. Damn it, have not been here for months. Anyway long story short I found an old stash of Source magazines. Like from 96-98 I'd say there's %95 of the cunts. Anybuyers out there? Holla at old man myway Also while I'm here fuck Kochy, and Tippett and the Crows and Port Adelaide-fuck all u cunts
  4. OK, I got a fuckload more rap letters for ya Cereal from Asia and the Americas. Problem is Oontz never lets me login and now has 101 ads and shit that slows down my haggard old comp. Someone/Anyone please PM me when this shit is back n functioning and I'll come back n post up more stuff. Until then I'll be giving the Oontz a pretty wide berth
  5. Yeah, someone please PM me when this shit is working again
  6. I like McDonalds Tartar and mayo mixed together for fry dipping. good stuff. Lao chef I worked with used to make some funky combos. Patties made from hamburger mince mixed with fish cake mix, actually tasted fukn great. He also once mixed sugar, salt, coke and 7up-weirdest thing I ever tasted, he said it's a normal thing over there. On the fukd up pizza thing in taiwan they'd do like fruit salad pizza with kiwi fruit and 'vegetarian' pizza often meant getting a pack of frozen peas, corn, carrots etc and putting it on a pizza. Shit was haggard. Google search bought back some bad memori
  7. Some stuff I dumped in my travel thread on CH. 0, might as well dump some of it here too Oz Not Oz
  8. Learning to play the piano music
  9. ^^Really? Spewin, I'm not surprised the throw is gone but it's rough that roller is gone. Did they buff it or add floors to the next door building covering it up? Also I'm taking requests people. Tell me what u wanna see and I'll try to make it happen. Americas, Asia, more Oz, Rap letters, rap letters on trains, girls, partying, arty photography, nature, surf stuff, scat, that jap porn where chick bang octopuses and shit, I got it all. Also how the fuck did I forget this gem? Brisbane, QLD, Australia. DTS dude, nuff said
  10. Got to McDonalds at some stupid hour of the morning once and asked for a big mac with mayo instead of mac sauce and mcChicken patties instead of beef. It was fukn killler
  11. I remember seeing this dudes stuff in 12oz when it was a print magazine Venice beach shot, nothing like Tony Hawk at all. I tried to do a smith grind on a tennis net, totally didn't work
  12. California rap letters, 2005 I think? Some SF, some LA, some elsewheres, you figure it out This one popped up in a Nike commercial once Dope hands Middle of a major street in the city, legal?
  13. Rap Letters. I wanna state now that I took every one of these fukn shots, with my camera. Nothing I'm about to post has been stolen off some blog, so if you see it pop up on some blogs which I'm sure it will, you know where it came from. MyWay Queensland, Australia. Really good graff scene over there considering how small it is and how Nazi their cops are. Most of these flicks are from the mid 2000's, like 04-07ish I think Bloggers favourite This dude had some of the sickest style Australias ever seen in my opinion
  14. Ha, funny but big no. I was thinking more like this Yes it is, thanks for reminding me. I'm guessing you've spent some time there I got nothing against Texas/Texans. Just an impartial observer
  15. Smash all, then go to jail, no regrets
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