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  1. I always liked to see Sofles bombing around the traps. Or rock up to a spot and there's a new DTS lineup. This just kinda takes away that excitement though. I appreciate the video work more than the wall in this. Agree with Boats though, I like the first video more. If I want to watch graffiti videos, this is what I want to see - Mike DFM
  2. No doubt Sofles is an amazing writer, and this video is shot incredibly well. I just hate the fact that my Facebook feed has blown up with every graffiti hating idiot frothing over this video. That whole "But I hate that tagging shit". Nonetheless, dope! The first one he did for reference -
  3. Looking for recommendations for a spot to get something done in New York City. Gonna be back there from Friday. Can anyone point me to where and who I should check out?
  4. It was a fun night, pretty good turn out.
  5. I've still got one floating around I could get out to you. Inbox me for details!
  6. Stoked to be part of this show next week. A pretty sick lineup. Also, something new, finally..
  7. Got it Schnitz! Thanks bro, as I said I'll send you some real photos soon enough. Once I get some free time
  8. I've generally always dated girls a bit older. I guess that's to do with growing up with a crew of older people. For the most part, aside from good friends I can't stand younger girls. My girlfriend is 6 years older than me, never even think about it.
  9. A few friends have the GoPro, always looks good. I've sold hundreds of them and nobody ever complains. Make sure you get a fast enough card if you go Hero 3 Black. 30mb/s isn't fast enough. A lot of people have had issues with the camera locking up. That's about it, card related though. They are listed as runout though so keep an eye out for a Hero 4/new version soon. No idea what they're doing yet though. Just ordered a Canon F-1 from KEH. Picked up a 35mm f/2 off eBay from Japan. I wanted something smaller than the 1N since I'll be spending November in the States and want to walk around with it all day. I should have gone back to a Nikon FM2 or something lighter, but I've never tried the Canon 35mm mechanical cameras so it should be a bit of fun. If anyone is interested I've got still got my Bronica SQ-AI kit up for sale. And a Leica M4 + 50mm Summicron. Need to move them in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Mone, those cityscapes are fucking rad. Love them! First one is so tight, would love to see more.
  11. da1lyoperations


    Anyone had problems with PS3's simply freezing up and dying. I had a few issues where it would freeze mid game and now I haven't been able to turn it on for a while. I'm dying to play the new GTA but if I can't fix it myself then I'll just chuck it. Don't have the money to replace it right now. Somewhere at Mums place I have my PS1 so I can get onto this in the meantime.
  12. da1lyoperations


    Sick. Those 95's are dope. I had these in my shopping cart on a local site last night. Can't bring myself to drop the cash right now though.
  13. Woah some huge images, my bad. Could someone re-size those? Back on my phone right now.
  14. All stolen from various blogs. An amazing writer, RIP.
  15. The first one theprotester posted is sick! I can get behind that. Thought I'd get involved in this section of the site since I actually started painting again...
  16. https://vimeo.com/66815043 5 Minutes in Sydney for ilovegraffiti.de Just a short Sydney clip put together by a homie. Does anyone have good links to raw bombing videos. Fuk Graff, Videograf stuff? A lot of the Oink videos are dope - https://vimeo.com/63411117 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmg__jjI0QQ 70K from Australia. Classic video. Route 666 #1
  17. Been a while, finally getting a chance to shoot more, winter weather rules. More here; http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/
  18. Some snaps from out and about today And back home
  19. Dope shots jbrsh and Mercer. I'm booking a flight to NYC for October and these photos are killing me, wish I could be over there already. Your Instagram feed definitely has to be one of the most inspiring Mercer. Always dope. One from Japan I had to get printed for a work display.
  20. Going to try and post more regularly. What up. Good stuff in here everyone, publicenemy the photos looking out from the buildings are so dope. Especially the first one in your last post. That's awesome. Some recent stuffs -
  21. Ah sure, there's a few b-sides flicks I've posted on my blog https://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ The rest are being saved for an exhibition.
  22. Short clips from my trip. Wish I shot more video, next time.
  23. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8657575 Updates from this page man
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