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  1. That looks dope man, do you have a copy I could grab off you? I can Paypal you money for postage or something. I tried for ages to do a Sydney zine, something similar, I got half way a few times, went through so many Pbase/Flickr accounts but everything got lost among all the crap that's out there. Props for getting that done anyway, sick. So after making this thread over a year ago, I've finally put something together with a mate, split zine from Japan last month. Did a test print tonight but I want to change 1 thing then it's done. Here's a preview so far... Thanks to everyone who posted shit in here.
  2. Yeah I did go Golden Gai drinking. Next time I'll either know the language or know people so I can get some weird oily Japanese eel sex. We have this shit but it's nowhere near as good as CUP NOODLE! For real Cup Noodle has bacon and everything in there and actually tastes good. In other news should have this split zine printed next week, it's almost done and it won't be too expensive. Homie has some dope flicks in there if you like skating and other general cool stuffs.
  3. Sick, Hexar RF is dope, you should post some shit in the photo thread man. I've got the 35 Voigtlander on my Leica, although I pretty much just used the GR1 and Leica 21mm in Japan. The GR1v lets you set the ASA manually and all the others are auto, so if I wanna shoot 400 film at 1600 I have to scratch this to change it on the cassette by hand. Haha.
  4. Yeah they're so sick, I'm looking out for another if it's cheap just as a backup. I'd like a GR1v so I don't have to keep scratching off the DX codes on film to push it. Either way they rule. Which holga?
  5. 38,000Yen is average for those cameras, they have a lot of mint and rare stuff you won't find elsewhere. It's just under $500 I guess. But that animal, whatever it was is about $5000. God knows why, haha. They had photos of monkeys and shit too on the outside.
  6. Yeah Pachinko is crazy, they love them some slot machines, every fucking block has at least one. Even if they're really hidden. From what someone told me it's like pinball, you buy a bunch of balls and put them in and play until they're gone. Gambling directly is illegal so yeah they give you a form of credit and you get either get a giant teddy bear or something, or you go to another street and trade your credit for real money. When you walk past and the door opens it's just a rush of air that stinks like ciggies, loud electronic noise and lights. I was too shook to go inside and walk around hahah. I went into one and tried to get some photos but some dude wasn't happy so I just left it. The masks are pretty cool, if you get a cold you just wear a mask so you don't sneeze on people, never experienced so much mutual respect. Japanese peoples is on another level One thing I forgot to get flicks of were the cool little restaurants with ticket machines. I probably posted about it but it's an awesome way to eat. You just pop your money in, pick a meal and give the ticket to the guy, then it's done. No idea what most of it meant but guessing was fun, sometimes you end up with tempura squid type things or there's big ramen dishes with everything you want. And real cheap
  7. You can check out some of the better un-posted colour and black and white on my website, just put up 2 new sets. http://www.joelwestworth.com/ Also I'll be doing a split zine with my man Samoh who was over in Japan at the same time so I'll post in the Photography thread when that shit's up. Check him out too his photos are ill. http://www.sam-stephenson.com/index.php Think that's all covered now, thanks for checking it out and props to everyone else who did some dope travel threads too, good reading
  8. Updating with some colour filmz. Posted these in the Photography thread but they're just snapshots so they can go here too.
  9. The best headline for this was in one of the Aussie papers this morning before he was caught. "GAY PORN CANNIBAL ON THE LOOSE IN PARIS". Awesome. So the video is floating around online, and it's pretty fucking weird. This guy had killed kittens on YouTube a few years ago and when the latest snuff shit was reported the cops thought it was a hoax. Until some limbs turned up at the government offices. When someone told me about it I called bullshit until I saw it all in the paper the next day. Heaps of people are eating each other lately, bi-sexual porn stars, coked up homeless dudes and I read some American school kid ate his buddy. 2012.
  10. Just got mine today, heaps good. Printed well, real good quality. Definitely grab one if you didn't! Good work man.
  11. Or just get something second hand that's still dope. I picked up an SB-28 for mad cheap a while back and it's in perfect condition.
  12. Zine looks rad man. I will order one.
  13. Okay, here's a dump of a lot of stuff from Tokyo. This is just snapshots. The better photos will be going into a zine or portfolio or something, depending.... Anyway, enjoy. They're in no real order. I'll have all of my colour stuff next week.
  14. A few more, I probably won't even post many in the Photography thread yet. I'm probably going to do a zine with a mate who was over there at the same time. Picking the best ones out, so here's a few other snaps. I've dropped off all my colour stuff now which I'll have back next Tuesday.
  15. Thanks yo. It's hard going back to 6 straight days of work trying to process anything, sucks. Haha. But I'm getting at least 1 or 2 rolls done a night. Just did 2 and they're drying now. So I'll scan them tomorrow night and process another. Crappy XA2 shots from a pretty busted roll.
  16. I might repost some of these in the photography thread later, but I'm gonna post a bit of the film stuff in here too, since people are enjoying it. Thanks guys. First roll was pretty trashy, but they were just mindless snaps. http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ I'm gonna update some proper posts on there about the trip as I go through more photos, check it out if you want. There's a link to my Flickr and under construction portfolio in the About page if you're interested.
  17. Thanks everyone who's taken the time to check this out! Glad you guys enjoyed it. I don't know about Hiroshima but Tokyo and Kyoto and the surrounding cities all have vending machines either by Asahi or Kirin that have beers in them. They're not on every corner but every few machines you find a beer one. Either that or Lawsons and 7/11. Lawsons is the shit! Yeah man, got on a train to work today and sat for 40 minutes stuck in a tunnel, with sub par rap letters everywhere. Reminder of how shit the Sydney rail system is. Don't get me wrong, I love insides but our trains are just scummy. So much truth, I tried to learn some basics in the weeks before I left, but it was mostly useless once I got there. Reading it from a book is no help unless you have someone to speak it with. After the first week though I had become used to most of it, even if I didn't have direct translations I had an idea of what things meant. Haha. Will do man, I'll be posting a bunch of scrap photos in here anyway from all the film. I know I've got some more graff flicks and I think some photos of Style Wars playing in da clubz.
  18. 20 ;) Close, haha. I'll probably try to start on the B&W tonight after work. Sadly the colour will take longer, but there's a mix of C-41 and E-6. Around Ueno where I stayed there's supposed to be the largest population of them, but I didn't see too many. More then in Sydney obviously, but they keep to themselves and some of them are pretty friendly. One guy was waving at me and trying to talk some broken English, just wanted to chat. Most welcoming culture I've experienced. You go to get on a train at the same time as someone else, and they'll bow and let you on. Same thing even walking into a toilet. If they do speak English then they're keen to ask about your trip and get pretty excited that you're visiting. So much respect there as a general rule, it was amazing. If you were hanging with Japanese people to help you out, then there would be no trouble. Solo with no Japanese skill, quite a lot harder, but still probably fairly easy in the right places. Shibuya, Harajuku in a lot of the small clubs there. Girl I met was too shy though, but I kept hanging with her cause she's cool and it was really good to be with someone from the city. And now I've got a hook up in Tokyo, and a chance to actually learn the language from a local. Maybe get married in a few years, who knows. But if you wanna pay for it, then you'd find it in a second. Haha. Paying for sex is illegal in Japan but there's a lot of bath houses and massage places where you pay quite a bit 'for the massage' and once it's over if you 'fall in love' with the girl then anything goes for the next hour.
  19. Haha, fuck. Thankfully I didn't experience anything that awkward. Some weird gay German dude in this club tried rubbing my leg with his foot under the table. In the end I just bailed, he had the fucking creepiest smile. Heaps suss guy. Some of the Nigerians are real staunch, I almost got cornered by a fake Ed Hardy joint but slipped away. One night there was this guy in a suit just flashing handfuls of cash in the Family Mart. Didn't even bother to ask what his hustle was. Yeah, first time. I'll definitely go back, but probably try to learn the language properly first. It would be amazing being able to speak somewhat fluently there. I've been wanting to do Japan for a few years though, so it was well worth it.
  20. The language barrier was pretty overwhelming at some points. When I got there, it was raining non-stop, I was lost and doing circles and asking for help got me nowhere. The most important things I had to talk to people about like the camera repairs was pretty easy though, they spoke some English and we worked it out. After the first week I'd kind of settled in, I knew where I was mostly and picked up some basic stuff from listening to people in restaurants and shops. Pointing helps though, pictures on menus is a big plus, haha. When catching the JR trains or the Shinkansen most staff speak pretty good English, and in larger tourist spots. On the subways though and in smaller areas it does get harder. Set me back cost wise? I spent under $4k in total including flights, accommodation and subway fares, etc... I still have something like $400 in my wallet now. The subway system is great, you can get a Pasmo or Suica card which is 2000 Yen. 500 of that is a deposit you can get back when/if you return the card and the other 1500 is then credit for trains. You can also use it to shop in some convenience stores or vending machines. I didn't really research cost but I'd saved more then enough. Could have done it cheaper if I went with other people, but for what I was doing I got by fine.
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