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  1. Gonna post this here too. These are finally finished. Split zine with Sam Stephenson, 100 copies, hand numbered and sealed. Each with 2 prints inside. Double sided, photos from Japan. If you're interested swing me a PM and I'll work out getting one to you.
  2. Crappy little thing I got asked to do for Sekonic. http://blog.sekonic.com/2012/09/27/joel-westworth-on-the-street/
  3. da1lyoperations


    Picked up these recently. Mad comfy.
  4. I agree, so many people post neg scans or DSLR shots. Pretty much defeats the purpose of being an app for mobile photography, and instant sharing. Anyway... Instagram: dailyoperations
  5. Super late bump, finally got this finished between moving and being flat out with work. Split zine, double sided. 100 copies, hand numbered and sealed with 2 prints inside. Hit me up if you're interested in one of these. No charge except for postage. Can hook up free post within Australia.
  6. Sweet as man, I'll post it out on Tuesday once the post office is open again. Anyone else who wants one, get at me. 100 copies, hand numbered and initialed. Sealed with 2 prints inside. Photos from Japan.
  7. Yeah man, the last one was great. Really well done. Layout worked well. Yeah, same address. That would be awesome if you could man. Much appreciated. If you want one of the Japan zines I did let me know, I finally finished them all yesterday so I'll post something about them real soon. I can swing one your way.
  8. What's going on with this thread lately. Whack. Nice stuff as always waffle. More of that high temp short dev time? Some new bullshit.
  9. Long time no see. Good to see err'body still active here. I moved and haven't had the internet hooked up, it's been a month now. Sucks. Here's some dirty scans, can't wait to go through everything here properly soon. Also FINALLY almost finished with the Japan zine. Taking so long. Will update soon.
  10. Never even crossed my mind. Fuck, thanks man. That's pretty much perfect.
  11. I'm looking for some A5 plastic sleeves to stick these zines in. Where do I get them? Where does the internets keep these things. You know like when you grab a zine and it's in a nice plastic wrap with the adhesive top, I need them shits. Any tips on where to obtain such things?
  12. The first couple are good, not so sure about the last 4. They probably would have looked better with some external lighting. I'm all for natural light but when you're shooting subjects like that it really helps to have a light source to separate them from the background. Fuji GA645 - TMax 400 - D76 @1:1
  13. Yo thanks for the offer man, but we're only going to sell it at like $3 or something! Haha. Picked up all the pages today so now just gotta spend some time next week folding and stapling it all, then I'll post up here when it's good to go with the details.
  14. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138408 InDesign, I was stuck for a while but it's dope. Real easy once you get into it.
  15. Must spread rep! This view, fucking sick. Iguaçu Falls too, great shots and the cemetery on the first page looks rad too. Post moar! Awesome stuff.
  16. PB & J is great, no idea why people wouldn't like that. Milk also rules, sometimes I'll just have a glass of milk with pasta at home or something. Chips, burgers, whatever. Milk all day. Pineapple on pizza is another thing I can't understand why people don't like it. So good. Pineapple and cheese on Turkish bread grilled is also awesome, or any bread. Just pineapple and cheese. Red pepper and peanut butter is a bit weird, I'd try it though. I love Christmas because there's always leftover chicken, and for some reason having a plate of leftover chicken, Doritos and chocolate produces and amazing mix of flavour.
  17. Just found a few recent spots from my phone... Apple store, if you need to Google some shits and have a drink Alleyways, standard In parks, out of buckets. Good with a BBQ In parks that feature couches, definitely relaxing On the streets in general In the garden in summer, getting too cold now. The shower is probably one of the best chill spots though. Any time of the year, definitely.
  18. Keep an eye out for cheap deals, my mate got his tickets on a 2 for 1 offer. They weren't direct flights but still, super cheap. Had to go Sydney > Melbourne > Cairns > Japan. I'm sure airlines in other countries do the same kinda thing. It's definitely worthwhile!
  19. Did a test print of the split zine we're doing tonight, should be done by the end of the week. Here's a little preview.
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