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  1. ;) Good thing is the Super-Angulon sits almost against the film so you get minimal distortion. So it's like this - (Found on Flickr) BOOM. Fucking so wide.
  2. M4. Waiting on a 21mm f/3.4 Super-Angulon then it's go time.
  3. These things happen. Rolls split, they don't wind on, you forget to rewind the film, you make double exposures. Shit happens. The other night after a long day at work I got home, popped off the base plate and after about 5 seconds of staring I realised I hadn't even rewound the film. Just shoot another roll and take more photos to make up for it.
  4. Funny that this thread changed to Nigerians cause all the Nigerian scams I've been getting on eBay lately have been giving me a fucking headache! Keep getting my account suspended and shit.
  5. Thanks doodz! They're all Tri-X pushed to 1600, developed in Ilford ID-11
  6. Help! :( Haha. Selling the M8 so this is replacing it. Chupacabra, look for something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Contax-T2-P-S-Camera-Titanium-Silver-/270855957759?pt=Film_Cameras&hash=item3f1045ecff That's pretty much what I paid, but mine has a data back (not working) and came with a case and some Sensia. But that's a pretty average price on eBay at the moment in mint condition. You can pay a bit more for one in the box, but you don't really need a box.
  7. Ew, huge scratch in that neg, tried to clean it up a bit. I should be more careful.
  8. GR1v is a dope camera. Nice man. Look forward to seeing some stuff from the OM1 dude, great camera. Personal news for the day -
  9. Canon are having some stock trouble too, not as bad as Nikon or Sony, but we've got no stock of some lenses like the 50 1.8's. We had to get a bunch of old/refurb stock for bodies too. Lots of unhappy pre-Christmas customers. Haha. In other news... I got dat Contax
  10. You want to buy one? Why buy a 2004 model camera that has been replaced by 4 newer models? Just buy a 60D or get a used 50D. Or be cool and buy a Nikon.
  11. Word, I have a beagle. She's awesome but fuck they will eat anything. Even after like 12 years she still tears through the bins and any food sends her wild. But an awesome pal, pretty hairy but not that crazy curly hair that gets all over everything. Here she is
  12. Bumping this, a friend from work borrowed the Nikon J1 the other week while we went shooting after work. Shooting at 400fps he cut it all together and made a sweet mini film. I also make a stunning appearance in the video so you must watch it, of course. Obviously it's pretty low res at that speed but it's still awesome. http://vimeo.com/32238645 Everyone watch it and like it and stuff. Check out his other videos too.
  13. Oh man there's a 35 f/2 Summicron ASPH on our local classifieds for $650. Fuck. I'm gonna buy it, flip it for like $1400 profit on eBayz. I hope it's legit.
  14. Re: i hate migraines Suffering the start of a migraine now, browsing the Oontz to try and forget about it. Sometimes if I just continue what I'm doing and let it pass it's a bit more bearable. But at the moment I can barely see the screen and my vision is just blurring and flashing. Urgh, fucking migraines. EDIT - 39 minutes later and the vision is better and I'm just left with a lingering headache. Time for water and painkillers. Of course it happens on my day off.
  15. The x100 can be a dope camera, if you get used to all it's small quirks. Personally I can't use it because I'm used to true rangefinder focusing, but for someone looking for great quality/colours in a compact camera it's awesome. It's not a rangefinder and wasn't made to be one so that's really a non-issue. The build is great, it looks awesome and feels nice to shoot. You've got an APSC sensor in it anyway (same size as a standard DSLR) so it's far ahead of any compacts on the market. It's better then most of the entry level DSLR's anyway, except that you can't change the lenses, but most of them are fairly cheap and crap in that level. Of course it has its flaws, but once you find a work around then it could become the perfect camera for you. A lot of cameras have known issues that people can work with and produce great stuff from. A mate of mine picked up an x100 and made a blog just for the stuff he shoots with it, check it out. Everything from long exposures, street shots, landscapes and food - http://www.charlieonehundred.com/ I was thinking of getting one, but I'm going to get an M4 instead. Digital and me just don't get along at the moment. A fast point and shoot is good for hip shots but when you really want to compose an image and get the best quality a point and shoot is going to make things harder. No manual focus, often no viewfinders unless it's a 35mm camera but even then it's small and they're usually quite loud. I love my little compacts, but I love shooting rangefinders too, sometimes I'll still carry my F4 around with me. It's all personal in the end. Go and hire an x100, shoot it for a week, get used to the settings, see how YOU like it. I've bought cameras in the past that everyone has hated but I've loved. People use things differently, in fact lately I've come across a photographer in Sydney that takes better shots then I ever have with his iPhone - http://www.flickr.com/photos/oggsie/ Anyway!! In other news, I'm selling my M8 and getting a chrome M4 w/goggled 50 summicron Fuck I haven't been able to log in for days. Finally could post this.
  16. Re: i hate migraines Symbols, I hate going to the doctor too. I've had migraines for years and never seen anyone about it. They started to get worse/more frequent recently. But like you sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and literally roll out of bed holding my head and throwing up. Then you feel shitty for the next day. I can usually tell when they're coming on because my vision will go slightly blurry, then one side of my vision will just start shaking and I'll get that 'aura' people always talk about. Nausea, fever, etc... Then after maybe 30 minutes of that the migraine actually kicks in and nothing I've tried yet can get rid of it. Only waiting it out in the dark. Fucking sucks. Maybe one day I'll go to the doctor .
  17. A regular customer at work brought in his dual stroke M3 and 50 1.4 today, which he got for under $100 about 30 years ago from a store in London. Sick. He made the soft release himself.
  18. http://www.joelwestworth.com/ Just got this up, will be putting up a lot more photos soon but this is just to preview and get some feedback on the layout, etc. Will have photo sets from Vietnam, etc.. By next year. A lot of colour stuff by later this year. Edit - Just changed it up a bit already. Will be working on it a bit over the week
  19. To start, an iPhone street snap - And some from today -
  20. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA If you ever wrote a book (you should) I would definitely pay for it. I'm gonna send you some shit from Australia to say thanks for the awesome thread. Too good.
  21. Waffle I just realised your M6 has a different battery cover. Looks much easier to get into haha. Speaking of the battery mines drained and fucking my meter, ordered a bunch of 5 so I don't have to deal with shitty metering.
  22. Maybe wait it out a while, as I was told last night "This is called the Nikon 1 for a reason" It's the first camera of this type and a whole new market, so I'm sure soon enough they will be looking at a '2'. I know they're seeing what people think of the camera aesthetically at the moment and seeing what could change. I hated the camera before I used it, I thought it was ugly as fuck. It still is, haha, but it actually performs really well. Took one out on the streets last night to road test and was pleasantly surprised. Usually hate electronic viewfinders but it's probably the best I've used. Enough camera talk from me though! The shots above were from the M8, we haven't been getting along but I'm giving her another chance. Happy with the colours on them.
  23. In other news, Nikon 1 launch event tonight, free beers, snacks, won a Nikon AW100 waterproof camera, fuck yeah life. Haha. Also some dude on the street gave me $5 to take a snap for him and email it to him. #Winning.
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