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  1. Ended up in the sex district, Tokyo isn't laid out in a grid format so when you think you can take one street to get to the same place as another… Well, you can't. Had mad Nigerians hustling me to go watch Thai girls. Probably the best one was some friendly little old lady who grabbed me and started leading me away, thought she must be selling some souvenirs until she started rubbing my arm and making wanking motions. Wanted Wanto… Waited to get on the airport line Nice weather to fly out Hung out using the JAL lounge WiFi from here Got on this and spent 10 hours trying to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions, unable to put my seat back because the guy behind me was so fat he blocked everything. I've got to go back to work for the next 6 days but next Tuesday I'll be dropping off all of my colour rolls to get processed, and hopefully this week I can start to develop some of the black and white stuff I shot. All of that will go in the Photography thread over in Untitled. There's a few more graff flicks on the rolls though so anything like that or just stupid photos I'll post in here.
  2. I think everyone has a photo of this… Back in Ueno for these Last day shooting around Shinjuku again Some Bonsai in the Metropolitan offices lobby Yoyogi Park
  3. Went back to the Place M gallery to check out the latest exhibition they had, and went through the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Crows in Tokyo are awesome, they're huge and some are pretty down with humans. Although I saw one swoop on a picnic and everyone ran while the crow jacked all their crackers More from Shinjuku/Shibuya Rockabillies in Yoyogi park
  4. Not many rap words in Kyoto, but some sneaky names around Visited some more temples and parks, Kyoto is really nice in some parts but way too touristy in the main areas. It'd be awesome to visit if you could speak fluent Japanese and head outside the main city area Headed back to Tokyo and got to see Mt Fuji from the train Sunset going through Yokohama Went to pick up my camera from repairs Customer service in Japan is great. Where else could you turn up, say that your camera is broken and within 10 minutes you have an exact quote for the repair and a date to collect it, within 2 weeks. Mad respect for Ricoh. Working in camera sales and dealing with repair agents I've never had such a good experience. Took a look at the Imperial Palace Japan is great for eating solo, there's a bunch of stand-up noodle bars in small alleys, and joints like this where you pick your meal from a machine and get a ticket. Good to grab a quick meal, and well priced too. Maybe $5 for a meal with a side of miso soup. JR looks very different when it's empty Found this in a supermarket, they've got heaps of 'sake cups', I don't usually buy souvenirs or anything, but I got to drink some sake and now I've got a glass for home Girl I met said cup noodle is what's up so I grabbed some, she was right. Cup noodle is legit. Heard a bunch of noise and saw this going on. They were preparing for some festival which happened the next day. Carrying these statue things in teams back to the shrine. Went through Shibuya again
  5. Went to check this out, Robert Doisneau - Retrospective show was great. Then got some eats Some more Harajuku/Shibuya streets Decided to head to Kyoto for a couple of days. Took the Shinkansen (bullet train) Checked out the Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park Stopped for some Sake Heaps of cats hanging around parks in Japan
  6. Tokyo Tower is nothing special, went and got some ramen There was this little aquarium, and this fish seemed to like me Blue jellyfish Went to meet a mate in Yoyogi park but got way too lost on the wrong train. Finally got to the park Harajuku bombing Checked out the National Museum in Ueno Toilet instructions More bombing, mostly in Ebisu
  7. They've got female only train carriages, I think it's only at night but I guess there's some mad creeping going on JR Line from Ueno Park Got some roast pork meal, so good These dogs everyone has are rad Shibuya bombing Went to this club near Roppongi I think, had our own little section and the staff were way too helpful, bringing over drinks and cleaning up vomit without a question At some point I looked around and they were playing Style Wars projected on the wall, haha. No idea why Waited for the first service Next day before I went to take this girl to dinner I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, free and probably the best view of the city. Was up there as the tail end of the cyclone that hit Japan came through Went to check out Tokyo Tower, passed the Zojoji temple on the way Some of the parks in the city are awesome, you walk in and forget you're even in Tokyo
  8. It was Golden Week which is a combination of a few public holidays, so a lot of places were crazy with people for the first week Throwing stars and swords The Sky Tree which isn't open yet And some rap letters under it Wandered around Asakusa some more then hopped on the subway Got some foods, you can get such good meals for like $12. So stoked Walked around the Marunouchi area and it started to rain. That place sucks, it's just offices and streets with Cartier and Tiffany's. Kinda like Ginza. White tourist/business area. But there's some rap letters around Picked up an umbrella and went to Shibuya, couldn't get the umbrella to work and met a girl who I went to dinner with a few days later. Some sneaky Utah/Ether bombing around Shibuya, and others Shibuya crossing Street my hotel was on, in Ueno Outside the station/markets Moon came out Checked out Akihabara, electronics district and the place for real nerdy white guys who want to go to maid cafes
  9. So I just got back from 2 weeks in Tokyo. Went over on my own to get away from work, see a different part of the world. Get lost, take a lot of photos. All that stuff. Work on a photo book... This thread is just a load of touristy snaps, some food and Tokyo bombing snaps. A couple were Instagramed but most are just normal shots. There's a few photos and they're not the smallest... Waited for my flight Got some duty free Landed at Narita and took this into Tokyo Hotel room Hotel view It was late so I grabbed some convenience store sushi and vending machine beer. $6 dinner, can't complain Went to drop off a camera for repairs in Ginza and got mad lost in the rain for a few hours. Stumbled upon Freshness Burger. Not really Japanese but it was pretty good, and good to be inside Went and checked out Map Camera in Shinjuku, dudes here are real cool. If you like cameras at all… Picked up a new lens for the trip Relaxed before heading out again Saw this guy Checked out the Place M gallery in Shinjuku, if you like photography check them out. A lot of dope Japanese photographers have work there. They have a 24hr darkroom too. Mad films, which actually isn't even that much cheaper then Aus now… Want No idea what this stuff was Heard it's common to take a hot bath in Japan before bed so I had a soak Ass washing heated toilet seat And every thread needs some of these right? Checked out the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa
  10. Nice shots Serum, and cool panoramas cuntflaps. That food looks so dope. Just got home, uploading a bunch of iPhone snaps for a Ch.0 thread, but here's one for this thread. Also an iPhone shot. I've got about 20 rolls to process, about half are colour so I'll have to drop those in next Tuesday but I'll try to start going through the black and white this week. Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.
  11. Few new snaps. Leica M4 w/35mm 1.4 Voigtlander. Tri-X in D-76 1:0. Focus is slipping on the M4, half the roll was gone due to that. Need to get it serviced but I'm off to Japan in 2 days so I'll worry about that some other day. Catch you when I'm back photo heads!
  12. I should bump this now that I've logged in again, haha. My book was 10 double sided I think. This one looks rad though, the pages of scanned letters rule man. That shit looks good! I'm slowly trying to edit all of my photos to do a real book now I've done a test one. But I'm in Japan in 2 weeks and will want to make a book of that stuff too. Maybe I'll do that first then do a general personal one.
  13. Ricoh GR1 with Fuji Neopan 400 @1600. Stand developed in Rodinal 1:100
  14. Hey, guys... I logged in without being told to log out. Fuck yeah. Maybe I can post here again. Anyway, got a voucher from this competition I entered. Made a test book. It was a pretty fun process, stressful though, going through so many photos for a certain amount of pages, trying to make it all read well. Once I'm back from Japan I'm definitely going to start working on getting something published. No doubt. Here's a few pages from my little mock up book.
  15. Bronica SQ-AI w/80mm f/2.8 PS - Ilford SFX 200 - Hoya R72 filter. Developed in Rodinal 1:50. A first attempt at semi-infrared stuff, very grainy. Next time I'll choose a day with some clouds, light was far too harsh. Also longer dev times in the future. Will be shooting Efke IR820 too. Leica M6 w/Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 - Tri-X @1600 in Rodinal 1:100 for 2 hours. Got a new blog up, still in the process of setting it up, trying to post more technical information and write more. Check it out and whatnot. http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/
  16. Panasonic FT10 (Being replaced with an FT20) Olympus TG-320 Olympus TG-810 (More rugged model, 10m waterproof, better locks) If you do want to go for the top of the waterproof range. The Panasonic FT3 is good, being replaced with an FT4. Nikon AW100 also has good image quality, but is less solid then the Panasonic. Not as bulky though. Stay away from Fuji waterproof, they suck, they will leak. Also Canon, they are overpriced and look like shit.
  17. There's really no good place to just do some reading, even if there was it wouldn't let you nail the practical sides of things. You just need to shoot to do that. You can read blogs, watch YouTube clips, etc... If you're getting stuck on specific areas, but other then that the best way is just to shoot. Take photos every day. It's like anything new you need to learn. Learning to play an instrument, learning a language. Once you understand the basics the rest comes with time and practice. I'm assuming you already have an understanding of ISO, shutter speed and aperture, so you've really got the basics right there. Working in real estate photography you're going to want to understand white balance which is also a fairly simple area, and then lighting. The lighting side you should just practice, all the time. In your home, get friends let you use their places to trial some new things. Remember every situation and every job will be a bit different. Do you have a tripod? A cable release? If not you should invest in them. You'll be able to use the flash to help compensate for the darker areas and a longer exposure will also help that. Again, trial and error. Also, post your photos here. Maybe not the paid work, but take some test shots. There's also quite a few blogs that post lighting diagrams after each shot, you can find these fairly easily. Untitled is probably the best section on the Oontz for getting legitimate replies and help and that's a fact. Everyone here is always willing to offer some ideas. Photography is just that, a craft. So once you've learned the basics, the rest will come through personal development, taking photos and finding your own way of working, your own style of shooting. Everyone has different methods. I've never done any training in photography, any online courses, no books. Just shooting, all the time. A long process but you'll get there.
  18. Drive is a great movie, a bunch of people I know didn't seem to like it. Although I think most of them were expecting The Fast And The Furious from it. It's done really well for what it is, in that style. I watched it twice in a row when I got it. And I think I'm gonna watch it again! Also, this.
  19. Keep at it man. Good to see some new faces in here. Anyway, have a bunch of portraits of my dog, lazing around and having a bath. Aaaaand... Getting dirty again. Bronica SQ-AI w/80mm f/2.8 PS TMax 400 @1600 in D76 1+0
  20. I got me dat 40mm So nice, can't wait to shoot it. 95mm filter thread, crazy. Dunno if I'll be able to lug it around Tokyo for weeks. Maybe I'll try though, 40mm 6x6 city shots. Yeah.
  21. Of course levels of manipulation should be off limits. After a certain point it's not even photography anymore. It's simply digital manipulation. Taking a photo is capturing a moment, capturing light and that's it. I'm with Mercer, I will never process outside of the basic RAW editing when I shoot digital. Once people start becoming okay with photo manipulation then boundaries become blurred. Lately there's been a few cases of press photographers ending up in the shit because they've manipulated images to get across what they want, not what actually happened. Which has resulted in some losing their jobs, good. That's not photojournalism and should not be accepted. Of course it has always happened over time with photojournalism but never the photographer themselves so much as now. Usually in times of war/conflict and it would be a government decision for propaganda uses. If you want to remove someone from a scene, or change the lighting, etc... Then wait until the person leaves the scene, and change the lighting yourself. Use strobes or change your white balance/film. People spend hours cloning out subjects from their photos. Fuck that, it was there in the first place, leave it there. That's how it was. My opinion anyway. If people want to produce stuff like the elephant image, that's cool. As long as they don't call it photography, because it's not, in any way. Darkroom forever.
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