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  1. So who can recommend a good lens for portraits/fashion shoot. For Nikon. I pretty much only use my 50mm f1.4, for everything. Have come across some work that will probably require a new lens for 'glamor shots' Cheers!
  2. Sick photoshop job with the pieces over the ridgey, dope graffiti tagging font too! "Under cover graffiti agents" Another good job Today Tonight!
  3. No multi-tasking on the 3G. Most jail breaks will let you use the App screen wallpapers, not too sure about the multi-tasking though.
  4. So like... Fuck going out for some quality pubbing and getting stuck with girls half your age who restrict you from doing shitfor the rest of the night and just want to be annoying and lead cunts on, then trains stop running and your nightride bus isn't for another hour or so.. /shitnightbutstillmanagedtogetdrunkandthrowiceatgirlsoner
  5. As of a couple of days ago. They released steam for mac now, and dropping a new game weekly or something..
  6. Good thing he's a battler! (Believe we know the same person) A flick for the chatter
  7. What size and price for the Gucci Web Collar Jacket in Navy?
  8. Nothing overly crazy but.. I've seen a guy dying on the floor, his face was grey and swollen, convulsions and all.. There were a few people around him screaming for ambulances so 3 rocked up and 1 cop car. Another time I was on the bus and some mad junkie comes and sits next to me. He's fiddling for a bit then pulls out a needle hidden inside a cup and some heroin hidden inside a pen tube. Dude begins to blatantly shoot up next to me. Needless to say I hopped off real quick.
  9. da1lyoperations


    Picked up these recently
  10. Desperately need a new scanner... Few more here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/dailyoperation/
  11. There is a bulb mode in the D3000 when you're using full manual. I never really need to do anything over 30 seconds though.
  12. Nice pond, last pic was awesome:lol: :lol: And those other fish are fucking ridiculous. Lake placid shit.
  13. http://flickr.com/photos/dailyoperation
  14. You need a new version of CameraRaw for photoshop. Just google the version that supports .NEF
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