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  1. Go for the SR44's. I use 2 EPX76's which are current alkaline replacements, they fuck up the metering a bit though but most stores here can't get the SR44's.
  2. I still have both man, I have the Yashica here and I'm getting the Bronica back off a mate this week. Let me know if you're interested in either. I'm going away in just over a week so they won't be going anywhere for at least a month.
  3. Oh dude I did, thanks heaps man. Was psyched on that, but then I forgot about the internet for a little bit haha. I'd be down with the photo hunt thread, would be a lot easier now that I have some time and a digital camera. I pretty much drop everything I have but I'm fairly good with keeping lenses clean-ish. But yeah, it's way too time consuming to clean everything. Every time I shoot I'm in a little photography rut and give up caring until after I've scanned the negs, vicious circle.
  4. TMax P3200. Thanks. I don't care enough to clean every roll. They hang in the bathroom by the open window and I've got 2 trees right outside. If ever I really want to print something, I've got a bottle of film cleaner. Yeah, the Ricoh is pretty much a diary for me. Although the battery died and now the date's all fucked up.
  5. Recent 35mm stuff, still got a few rolls to process. Back in Japan in 3 weeks, need to organize my life for that too. Way too much going on.
  6. Nice stuff everyone, good to see a few pages of solid shit after a few weeks off the net. I don't know if I've posted any digital stuff yet, but here's some shots from the 5D. 17-40 f/4 This one is a Leica R 50mm 1.4 Such great colours. Getting a Pentax M42 adapter because I remembered I have a few of my grandads lenses which should work well on the digital body. 35mm scans up later tonight.
  7. Melbourne? We had a pretty cool day in Sydney. Pretty much rained all through but that was much better then scorching heat where you just don't want to do anything. Woke up with a scotch, went to see the parents and family, had some cold cuts of meat, etc... Came home, had a few beers, back into the scotch. Scotch before working Boxing Day sales tomorrow, and then a little Christmas party thing at my place. Overall not too bad a Christmas, but still, it's just Christmas.
  8. Shot this in 2008, had seen his stuff on the internet but I was so hyped to catch this in person. Such raw style and dedication. Since then I've always loved coming on here and seeing his tags and roadside stompers. Condolences to all friends and family. He obviously has had a huge impact on the graffiti community globally, the response to this terrible news has been huge and he will never be forgotten.
  9. Only just started watching Bob's Burgers the other week. Awesome show.
  10. I'd only ever really trust them to about half of what they're rated for. It's pressure really. So even if you're standing in shallow water, but a wave hits it, that can do it too. Christmas present to myself...
  11. +1. Feel you on that. 8:30-8pm shifts all week, and Christmas day is my normal RDO. I haven't had any time to buy gifts for family and I won't get to. Not that I even care to celebrate it. I swear every person I serve tells me about their holiday, or how busy they've been shopping and going to the beach. Fuck off. "Oh do you have Boxing Day specials, maybe I'll wait to buy it then." Being open Boxing Day is a joke.
  12. So hyped on those Internerd, they're rad. I haven't shot any good colour stuff in ages. Keep posting dude, they're ill.
  13. Yeah, I left a comment for you in the Cameras thread
  14. I was late getting shit out, apologies. Been slammed with work. Retail leading up to Christmas. It's gone though, you'll see it soon mate. Keep an eye out.
  15. Nice, Nikon F4 is one of the best cameras I've owned. Good stuff.
  16. Because I did this today - Haha. Merry Christmas to myself. Hey Q, I got your zine, didn't check the post at work for a while though so i just saw it. It was super rad though, best one I've seen, ever. So thank you! I sent yours out late too. Apologies, retail Christmas means I'm getting slammed from all angles. Hopefully you'll be getting it soon though!
  17. Word, I'm hoping to get mine next week! Definitely keeping the GR1 along with the M6+35mm and G2+28mm for all personal stuff. That's all I use now really, will be interesting to start shooting digitally again. Keen on it though.
  18. Also selling a Yashica 124G, Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron, Leica M4 body, Nikon F100 with MB-15 battery grip and 50mm f/1.8D. And a complete Bronica SQ-AI kit with 80mm f/2.8, 40mm f/4, waist level finder, non-metered prism, speed grip, 120 back, 220 back + all hoods/caps and a Hoya R72 infrared filter. Just since we're talking about cameras.....
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't be using it for high ISO stuff anyway. Only need it for the build of it. But I'm now going to be getting a new 5D Mkii from Canon, so that's sorted it for me, haha. Going to pick up a 17-40 and 35 f/2 for it.
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