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  1. Some seriously dope places in here. Crappy iPhone fisheye/instagronk shots of where I'm at. Bedroom. Bathroom. Ft. 1960's twin tub. This thing makes washing day a pain but it works. Kitchen/Lounge. Foods, and vegetable drawer of film crap. And always good sunsets.
  2. Yeah sweet. Hit me up if you ever come through Sydney. The store I work at has most films, for reasonable prices. Right now I'm looking at getting this for a similar purpose. Graffiti documentation/possible paid work. + It's completely weather sealed.
  3. http://www.keh.com/camera/Pentax-Digital-Camera-Bodies/1/sku-DP029991131910?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Pentax-Digital-Zoom-Lenses/1/sku-DP07999069682J?r=FE These 2 would keep you within budget if you could find them through classifieds/eBay, etc.. That would be a good kit. Otherwise pick up this - http://www.keh.com/camera/Nikon-Digital-Camera-Bodies/1/sku-DN029990883770?r=FE Your lenses will fit, they will be manual focus and not as wide as on the 35mm body but they'll still work fine. The D200 is still built very well and I know a few people who've used them heavily for years and they're still going.
  4. Yeah, that's why I put the K-7 in there. Same thing, older model. A D200 would still cop it. I beat my D300 up pretty well and the only issues were dust on the sensor.
  5. I don't know if that's the best for documenting freights though. Not without fairly sound photographic knowledge. For personal work I shoot 35mm, everything. Fine for that, but I'm getting a digital body for graffiti documentation. It will still cost a fair amount for colour film and process all the time when you just want good quality travel/freight shots. I forgot about the Pentax K-7. The older version of the K-5, same battery insert available and still sealed for dust/weather. They're only a couple hundred for the body in good condition. Otherwise look at something like a Nikon D200 or the Canon 40D, I think they're similar. Good build quality, not designed to be properly sealed like the Pentax stuff, and no AA option. But they'll do the job for you. A few options there.
  6. Look into a Pentax K5, it's just been replaced by the K5 MkII but it's still a great camera for the money. It could be a bit more then what you were looking at spending but the price has dropped recently. Check out different stores. It's weather sealed, and has the option to get an additional AA battery insert to replace the standard lithium. Some good wide angle options available from Sigma for the Pentax mount. Anything else is either going to be more expensive to get the same specs (without the AA insert) or cheaper and get fucked up by weather/dirt.
  7. As usual, for full sets please view - http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/
  8. Really enjoy that second one man. I've never shot colour on the Ricoh. Probably won't until Japan. At the moment I'm mostly just using the Contax/Ricoh as my 2 workhorses. Can you obtain well priced used digital gear? Looking at getting a 1Ds MKii at the start of next year. Everyone here who does second hand has stupid prices.
  9. Just polished off a super dope Sunday night drunk grilled cheese sandwich with smokey Tabasco sauce. Too good.
  10. Yeah all of them can date/time stamp but only the GR1v can use manual ASA override. Nice Christmasy shots everyone. I've gotta think about buying a tree soon. Post some Australian Christmas shots.
  11. I just have the classic GR1, and scratch the DX codes if I want to shoot 1600 or something. Usually just leave it at 400 now that I'm using the Contax though.
  12. More here; http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ Just some snapshot shit. Good times, classic hits.
  13. Updating my blog, want to post photos that make sense together. Rather then just crap. Very happy with the way this reads. All from 1 roll. Contax G2. http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ Check the blog for the full set. Thanks yo. http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/
  14. Yo Deine, got your messages, but forgot to pay my internet bill again. I sent the zine out, so it's all good. Let me know when you get it, I'll be down to trade when you produce something. Schnitzel I might hit you up with some photo contributions for your next zine. Thinking about grabbing a digital camera again to document the Sydney scene. Mainly for myself, but it's been a while since I've done that shit. Would be down to contribute.
  15. Sounds good Q! I'll email you when I'm on my computer and get something together to send you
  16. Oh yeah, speaking of the subway... Get a Suica or PASMO card. You buy it with a certain amount of credit on it, which you use for the Tokyo Subway/JR Line. You can then swipe the card in vending machines or convenience stores so you don't have to use cash. Then you just top it up in the subway. When you leave you can return the card and they give you back part of what you payed for not throwing it in the bin. Otherwise you just hold on to it, because I think it doesn't expire for 10ish years or something like that.
  17. Shinjuku, Shibuya, check out the outskirts of the city. Drink vending machine beers. Harajuku, Roppongi. Check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for a rad free view of the city. Golden Gai, find little hole in the wall bars, Lawsons, convenience store meals. Used panty stores. Good food. Get lost and find your way back to wherever you stay. You'll probably see the most that way.
  18. dailyoperations I post drunk selfies, sunsets, and travel shit, when I travel... Have a few of you on there already. More the merrier.
  19. Yeah, they're not super cheap for Feb, and most of the seats for flights seem to be filled. I'm going with JAL from Sydney > Tokyo > Osaka. It's about $1150 with my return flight going Tokyo > Sydney. There's a few new airlines with cheap flights, but they go through Singapore, etc.. And you lose 5-6 hours on most of them. I'm meeting a mate in Osaka when I get there so the extra money was worth saving the time.
  20. Also I've got a flight booked to Osaka for February 2013. Pt.2 in the near future :D
  21. Sweet, glad you like it Medicine! To everyone else who PM'd me I've got a whole pile of stuff going out tomorrow to jbrsh, etc... Should arrive soon for you guys. I'll hit you the details now Deine.
  22. PM me gasface, haven't sent anything out to that side of the world yet. It'll probably go Monday or Tuesday in a whole pile so get at me and I'll hook you up with one.
  23. http://kenrockwell.com/ri/WhereDoBabiesComeFrom.htm "Sometimes daddy and mommy will play around when you're not there. When they want a baby, daddy will stick his pee-pee in mommy's mouth or in mommy's poo-poo hole. Hee hee, mommy and daddy think this is a lot of fun for some reason. Since mommy and daddy don't get fun toys that's the best thing they can think of doing to play. Gross. They will probably get very mad if you ask them. They like to keep this weird behavior secret, but that's how babies get started." /Background. This guy writes shitty reviews about cameras for a living. A mate just stumbled upon this part of his website...
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