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  1. jesus christ i fucken love you!!!!! THIS IS REAL FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI!!!!!! .... youve made my night on these few pictures alone... and for that i thank you.
  2. Has anyone actually met a smut off one of these sites?.... Its christmas and all a dude wants to do is get some ass... Any specific sites anyone has met girls off of and had some one night stands with? Any Bad stories... please share... ...would be nice to find a low self esteem girl with a dope body for the night. ENCOURAGEMENT needed! Now share horror stories and amazing stories!
  3. BIG UPS TO THE HOMIE MPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SEE YOU! ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! putting in that work!!!!!!!!! and payer... havent see u since milwaukee... wtf is good!!!!!!
  4. navy8 sketch looks boss! swine and gaw disrupt.... loving it
  5. I understand your point/opinion... I can kind of relate. Between jail time... fines... issues getting jobs because of felonies... lost relationships with family... lost a relationship with the woman of my dreams because i simply put graffiti first second and third in my life... everything else is not priority. dont get it twisted. i am a functioning member of society... but ive had my fair share of struggles to get where i am today, and if not for graffiti i think i would be in a better place financially and career wise. I can say this though, graffiti has ruined the lives of the people around me because my actions effected them. BUT the people ive met, the friends ive made, the places ive traveled to and the things ive seen, id never take back. the fact that i can go to paris, spend days in tunnels and seeing everything that a normal tourist would never see in their life, amazes me. graffiti has ruined my life, but without it im not sure i would have really "lived" my life....
  6. im a very big serum fan!... jigl levis
  7. Evade RUNS these things... im assuming hes smashing stop lines because most are tags and hollows... but none the less... props where they belong
  8. EVERYWHERE..... i have a 14 day itinerary and open to making any moves along the jr
  9. be there in 2 weeks..... No clue what im in store for! any helpful hints... suggested grime life shit i should get on.... non touristy
  10. miami.... good drugs.... beautiful women.... and a few gem chill spots.... stadium would be of interest
  11. just booked a flight to tokyo.... had to kill my 2 week vacation on some use it or lose it shit..... wtf is there to do there? solo trip.... got no ties so i can do whatever the fuck i please.... theres tons of obvious dumb tourist shit i can find online....and have already found... BUT has anyone actually gone and have any advice/tips/suggestions on what to do....places to avoid.... anything.... help would be appreciated. Looking to turn this into a more grimey exploration trip... TELL ME STORIES
  12. hyper.... shut the fuck up... have you seen your shit recently? do u really think that the fresh paint your using makes your shit dope? u always got something to say dont u? fall back im not defending u featz.
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