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  1. Perfect! Thank you, I could remember the style of the movie and I had a feeling it was Todd Solondz, or someone similar... Just lost my mind and couldn't think of anything. That's probably why I thought I might be mixing up two movies, I knew there was more to it. Might re-watch that tonight. Happiness is awesome, I love that movie. I haven't seen the other two but I'll check them out. Thanks man. I watched this one last night, good movie, definitely worth checking out. I caught the end of it a while ago but stopped watching it because I didn't get the full story. Also this one. I usually hate Adam Sandler, he's annoying as fuck. But a mate said this was probably the best movie he's done and it's a semi-serious role.
  2. I remember a scene where the maid is crying because her son died or got really sick and the kid makes her clean up the drink he spilt or something, I know this shit is a movie!!
  3. I need some serious help and I reckon this is the place to ask. There's this movie I'm trying to think of where there's a rich family, the young kid always wears some high class getup with vests and shit and they have a maid called Consuela just like the one in family guy. I think it's an older movie, late 90's early 00's? I can't even remember the plot but I'm pretty sure the older son is gay or something like that. Am I mixing up 2 movies? I swear this exists but I've had this mental blank for like 2 days! Anyone have a name of such a movie?
  4. A mostly underexposed roll of Ektar. Eh... Hopefully the roll of Provia I shot the same day is better. Leica M4 - 21mm f/3.4
  5. Well I'm back now with a couple new ones already. Fuji GA645 - Tri-X @ 1600 in D-76 1+0
  6. You buy it? Nice choice on the 21mm. I wish I hadn't been turned off Leica digital :(
  7. I've seen some great stuff from iPhones now, but I mean compact cameras are physically limited. The sensor size restricts you from actually having a true depth of field. 35mm compacts are different but yeah, I was mainly talking about the physical restrictions of the technology compared to larger formats/larger sensor cameras. Something like the Fuji X10 would be a good compact because it does have a slightly larger sensor and allows you to have quick access to shutter, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation. But, it's still limited by its small format and sensor size. For getting really involved in photography it's worth paying a bit more and going to something that will allow you to have full control over everything, not to mention better low light performance, bokeh, etc... But as you said some people can shoot great stuff from small cameras, I have a mate who's had exhibitions for his iPhone shots! Anyway, enough camera sales bullshit talk! Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy shooting and shit and enjoy life, back later in the week with new photos
  8. Some stuff from yesterday shooting with the M4 + 21mm SA. Tri-X in D-76 1+1
  9. It's not really about what setting you like best. If you want to take the best photos you can out of your camera you're going to want to have control over all of those variables and completely understand each one. Shutter speed, ISO, aperture and how they all contribute to the exposure. If your camera doesn't allow you to change those then it's worth looking at upgrading. There's not much you can do with a digital point and shoot, the sensor is too small for any real quality, and forget depth of field. You can grab mad cheap used gear that still works fine now, since everything is upgraded so quickly and gear heads just sell each time something new comes out. Worth looking into man.
  10. Stupid underdeveloped roll, fucking annoyed. Eh. Fuji GA545. TMax 400 in D-76 @1600 Yanick - http://www.yanidel.net I wish I'd developed this better for this shot alone. I had one before of some old dude grinding up against this girl then she fell, would have been perfect if it came out. So pissed.
  11. Had the pleasure of shooting with this guy tonight - http://blog.leica-camera.com/photographers/interviews/street-photography-with-yanick-delafoge-and-his-leica-m9/ Awesome dude, some great photos. Peep his blog. I'll have some stuff up by tomorrow once I develop it. Time to go pass out now though.
  12. I haven't shot colour in so long that I forgot what it really looks like. I scanned these negs and thought they looked way too dull, then I remembered that's how it was that day. It was warm, wet, muggy and shitty. Harsh white light with no sun, everything damp and literally saturated. Gonna start shooting more colour, I've become too used to shooting black and white. It's just easy I guess. Going to start shooting slide exclusively for colour and pushing myself. $31 a roll here but I found a source for $33 per 5 pack. Makes it worthwhile. /Rambling. Shot w/Contax T2 - Sensia 100
  13. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=134685 Or even... http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=121688
  14. Go for it man, look at the photos I posted in the other thread from it. Dope camera, dope lens. Waiting on a roll of Sensia to come back. But that's a good price. In other news, lens arrived. No taxes somehow, thank you sneaky Dutch guy. It is complete!
  15. Yeah that's right man, it's kinda weird, different to shoot but I never shoot portrait so it's kinda good to get some variety in my shots now. It's light, easy to shoot and yeah definitely cheaper then a Mamiya. The only downside is that it's electronic. Auto focus, electronic shutter, etc... I still love the Yashica 124G because it's solid as fuck and even without a battery it's always gonna be working. Choosing cameras is a tough life decision, haha.
  16. Shots from last night. Contax T2. Tri-X 400 in ID-11 1+1 And some more Fuji GA645. TMax 400 in D-76 stock pushed to 1600
  17. Borrowed a mates Fuji GA645, which I will probably end up buying off him. 60mm f/4 lens, shot this after work but it was a bit dark. Processed quickly last night. I started another roll but I'm pushing it to 1600 so hopefully that will be a bit better. 120mm TMax 400 in ID-11
  18. Or the quick and easy way, just right click > copy the image from your Flickr, then in the quick reply box click the 'insert image' icon and put in the URL. Then it will do the image tags for you.
  19. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA Those basic details are posted in this thread. The email on this page even. Now we can have a year of unlimited ghost dog pictures, jerky making and maybe home surgery. Who's gonna complain about that. Merry early Christmas KIR.
  20. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA I'll send your package off by Monday I hope dude, I'll add my return address in the post.
  21. iPhone snaps, left my camera at work last night.
  22. I'm all about customer service, working retail I don't mind having a chat if it's gonna leave someone happy and with something to think about. I've gained a few regular customers who will come back and spend $5000 in the month buying from me. I give everyone the time of day but there are so many cunts who think you are there to shine their shoes and bow to them. First day of December and Christmas shopping rush today and I already could have killed at least 6 customers. I won't be in retail again after this job, no way.
  23. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA I will willingly donate for moar bandwidth. For realz. I missed out on the new photos while at work. Also, I've written a letter for you KIR, I've just gotta put together a package and send it, hopefully by the end of the week. EDIT - Fuck it, it's $24.95 for 1 year of Photobucket pro. If you've got Paypal dude I will transfer you that shit for some Christmas cheer. Definitely deserving of it.
  24. Don't take yourself into a depressive downward spiral. My mum had breast cancer and I spent the whole time just making the best of things, making her laugh and getting her mind away from it. She's usually an extremely anxious woman anyway. If you start getting down and out that's not gonna help her at all. Carry on as if nothing has changed man, don't read too far into the negatives and worry yourself/her. Hopefully it all goes well for her. Cancer sucks, lost too many people to it myself. But as redeye said, medicine has come a long way. There's some good success stories these days surrounding breast cancer. Keep your head up man, take your mum out for some nice lunches or something and try to keep everything positive around the treatments, etc.. Good luck dude, hope it all works out.
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