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  1. Lighting after work yesterday sucked, way too harsh and then way too dark, shooting too slow and lost a lot of good stuff. Eh.
  2. Give me a little overview about your experience with the G1, how you like it/how it handles. I'm looking at a G2 for colour negative/slide stuff. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews, I know the Zeiss glass is great. But how do you like the camera/focusing/controls?
  3. He was some junkie getting his details taken and he tried to bail and it went from there. I wish I was closer but I was only walking by on the overpass
  4. From last night, M6 - Delta 400 - ID-11
  5. M6 in my new Domke F-8 bag.
  6. I much prefer the smaller sizes, that's why I just use the standard Flickr 'medium' size and put a few photos in one post. Easier to view that way.
  7. Nikon L35AF - Tri-X in ID-11 Winter Birthday the other night Earlier this year Just got round to scanning the older ones.
  8. Sick, awesome man. Real good to see some stuff from you again. This place looks sweet, nice shot. Post more regularly again!
  9. Yo where is that nurga Mean Beans at lately? And Mercer, and the other thread regulars!
  10. Ilford Delta 400 - Leica M6 A few random street shots - Occupy Sydney (Some of these are shot at 1/8th handheld with Delta 400 so they're a bit, eh...) And some streets again -
  11. It's dope, much lighter then carrying around my F4s. Nice and quick, pretty good build. Plastic back though so dust can be a problem but for the weight and what it is, it's well worth it. Doodle, get the 50mm. 35mm get's a bit boring in my opinion on the crop sensor. And 40mm is just a weird in between focal length that nobody really wants. Haha.
  12. I don't think I've ever had my resume checked properly, for high school shit or old employment. I usually chuck down a few mates numbers for references and they never get called up. Just apply for anything bro, I was out of work for a while and after emailing off resumes every day and sometimes multiple times to the same people I got an interview. Dressed up nicely and the next day I had a job. I Never passed high school, have no previous experience in that area, but 2 months later I got a new contract for a full time position. Not amazing money but it's a job and it pays for shit. Go an apply for retail jobs, cafes, bars, anything. Most places hire some extra staff around now anyway in the lead up to Christmas (dunno if it's the same in the states but they do here). And if you get a job and work hard they'll probably keep you on for longer. Just keep applying for everything and do your Mexican day labour in the meantime.
  13. Get the S95 or wait for the S100, much faster manual controls and you can set the ring on the front to act as a physical aperture ring (among other things). Much more compact too with a faster lens.
  14. Nice stuff SM, good to see you posting in here! This weeks pickup. Nikon F100 + grip + 24-120 + 50 1.8 + SB-28 (not shown) Quick snap from today. Leica M8 -
  15. I was thinking for the whole week from the title they'd be literally standing face to face and maybe some box cutter action would come into play again. But this was good, haha. Spent half my night trying to get a torrent for it, definitely worth it. I'm guessing next season being the final one is going to be the come down from all of this. First the reaction to everything that's just happened, then the fates of Walt and Jesse, interested to see Mikes role now as the others have said. Gus is gone so Mike has no job, does he need to go and hunt down Walt over this? Then we've got to see if the truth slowly unravels and if there were any mistakes along the way that will link this with Walt and Jesse. So many variables. Cannot wait until next year, fuck that!
  16. Prime lenses or mid-zooms like a 24-70 2.8 One day......
  17. Last nights roll. Delta 400 in ID-11. Canoscan 9000f test @ 2400dpi. http://joelwestworth.blogspot.com/
  18. Nice, I was thinking of getting a V700 but I can just use the one at work if I need it... Those shots are sweet though. Got a Canoscan 9000f on hold for me which I'm gonna go and pick up today once I finally get dressed. Which means I'll have last nights roll up soon.
  19. Yep, but Walt found out and got Mike to remove the bugs.
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