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  1. Bronica SQ-AI w/80mm f/2.8PS and WL finder. Also have an un-metered prism and speed grip. Looking at a 40mm f/4 too.
  2. There's no real resource to tell you how to shoot anything. If there is it's generally gonna be bullshit. You can only work it out yourself because you have to work out the things that work best for you. Generally a few things will help. You want to shoot with natural lighting, don't get a complete lighting setup for food. It's gonna ruin it. If you need to cut out some shadows or just balance the light a bit get a speedlight or two with some softboxes, or even just a reflector. If you're shooting meals with fresh fruit a good trick is to get one of those little water sprayers, set it to 'mist' and make it look like it's just been picked and washed. Get close, just not too close, include some background stuff like the cutlery or a bottle of wine/glasses in the background but keep the focus on the food. If you shoot it with a tight depth of field make sure you get all the important parts of the meal in focus otherwise shoot a smaller aperture to fit them in. There's some basic ideas, otherwise... Just shoot some at home, trial and error. Shooting food is fun, getting to eat the meals afterwards is probably the best part.
  3. I have VIP, but will not renew it if they don't fix this shit. Happy to support the site, but not when there's shitty support for us. Otherwise, yeah, happy to go another year. Every time I quit my browser I get logged out, means I'm barely motivated to post seeing as I have to log in almost every time now.
  4. Word, Chupacabra is right. Price ain't shit. I mean the last camera I posted in here was 35 bones and is dope. The 600D is a very good camera for the price range it's in. Especially for the video. A mate a work shoots a lot of really good stuff with a 550D. I'll share some of his work later in the video thread. Second the stuff about shooting film too, definitely gives you a true understanding of exposing images. Probably gonna pick one of these up for a good price off someone local, mostly for touristy shots around Japan. 28mm f/1.9 fixed lens with the option for an optical finder. Stoked.
  5. 6x9 is 120. So it will scan in a 120 mask like any other 120 format. 6x4.5 - 6x6 - 6x7 etc... Only the length is changing so you'd just do less frames per strip. ie. 2 6x9 negs per strip which is pretty much what would fit in a sleeve anyway
  6. Nice man! Good stuff, always good to see some Oontz success stories. Hope that all goes well.
  7. Why not? Any scanner with a 120 insert should be able to do them fine. I've been looking at a 'Blad too but the Fuji is very tempting, 6x9 positive frames would be crazy. Although a 'Blad is much easier to carry around and shoot I guess. Bit more expensive but I could do it in a month or so. Gotta work out what kind of gear I want to take to Japan in May, gonna be a fun decision.
  8. Fuck an X-Pro 1 I'ma get this next
  9. Work on composition and your subject matter
  10. One? Ha. http://www.keh.com/camera/Bronica-ETRS-Camera-Outfits/1/sku-ET019990531940?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Fuji-Medium-Format-Fixed-Lens-Cameras/1/sku-FM049990145820?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Mamiya-645-Manual-Focus-Camera-Outfits/1/sku-MS019990628700?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Mamiya-RZ-Camera-Outfits/1/sku-RZ019990521410?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Miscellaneous-Medium-Format-Fixed-Lens-Cameras/1/sku-MM040022000370?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Mamiya-Twin-Lens-Reflex-Camera-Outfits/1/sku-MT019990520010?r=FE http://www.keh.com/camera/Pentax-6x7-Camera-Outfits/1/sku-PX019990526210?r=FE Just a few examples from KEH. You can probably find them cheaper in local stores, or on eBay. Or pay a bit more then $500 and get better lenses/cameras in better cosmetic condition. There's a HEAP of options for medium format.
  11. Medium format. You can get a good MF camera for easily under $500 that will last a lifetime. Then you can take medium format shots of your bike when you get one.
  12. Left a roll in a camera for 6 months, forgot about it, Portra 800. High speed colour 35mm sucks.
  13. X-Pro 1 will be much doper then the X100. Just wait a bit until they work out any bugs and people review it more, then the price will come down soon enough. It's be a better sensor most likely, a whole range of lenses, plus an M-Mount adapter so you can get all the dope Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander lenses etc... It'll be a system worth buying into. High end Fuji kicks ass. Anyway, scored this guy for $35 inc. flash And grabbed this for A LOT more then $35... A few hundred more. But fuck it, I've got a few thousand exposures to take this year now. A bunch of shit including 35mm Tri-X, Provia, Ektar and 120 made up of T-Max, Provia, Acros and Ektar.
  14. :lol: Let me sing you the song of my people. This cunt is hilarious, cunt.
  15. Fuck, NOTSEP is still around. Dude is a bored old cunt. I wonder if he's found many more wonky signs to report lately. I don't know why I keep looking at Sydney graffiti albums on Flickr, it's full of the same toys with the same useless comments. "put some of your shit on flickr you shit cunt" :lol: It's worse seeing every kid with an entry level DSLR in person on the train. They make the same dumb fucking comments in person as they do online. Facepalm.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/pazio1/6311128927/in/photostream Last comment on this one, coming from the screen name OREM. Lol.
  16. There's a thread for cell phone photos. They don't belong here.
  17. If you actually want to get into medium format I'm selling my Yashica Mat 124 G. 6x6 format TLR. PM me if you're interested. It's on eBay right now but I can always remove it. I trust dealing with someone through 12oz more then the creepy dudes wanting to come to my house to look at it.
  18. Gonna bump this, can't remember if anyone has posted it, but Trent Parke is inspiring me a lot lately. Australian photographer from Newcastle (2 hours from Sydney?) but moved to Sydney for a while. I remember in school a lot of people used his work for case studies while I was more interested in other work at the time but now that I've taken the time to look through all of his work I'm more impressed then ever. The only Australian who is a part of Magnum. Him and his wife traveled Australia in a van shooting and he created his first book from that. I love the way he shoots for the highlights. The photos of the Sydney CBD are exactly how the light looks to the eye, something I always want to capture. Because of the way the sun sets and all of the buildings we always get this really harsh lighting. And here's some work from his wife, Arelle Autio, born in Adelaide.
  19. Contax T2 - Fuji Provia 100F And some random knives I need to get some new scanning software, I keep fucking with the shitty Canon software. Gonna invest in Silverfast soon.
  20. I got my hands on a pre-production D4 today. Continuous RAW shooting is crazy. I didn't get to test the high ISO but hopefully I can play with another one soon. Haha. I'm still more stoked on the Fuji though, for what I do I have no way to justify a D4. I'd like to have one though, just cause. Ha.
  21. Super excited about the Fuji X-Pro 1 (If that's what it launches as) APS-C mirrorless w/interchangeable lenses for a Fuji X-mount. Also it looks like they'll be bringing out an M mount adapter themselves. Dropping with 3 lenses - 18mm f/2 - $500 35mm f/1.4 - $500 60mm f/2.4 Macro - $600 Can't wait to see the real spiel from Fuji. From what I've seen and a few other sources it looks like they'll be releasing this one and then possibly bringing out another high end camera in the range, possibly full frame? Full frame Fuji mirrorless w/M mount adapter. Fuck. Fuji is about to shit on the mirrorless market. Fuck Sony. I don't think I'll buy it, but I'd love to see it and try it. I'll wait for a full frame version which I'm sure they will do. Fuji always have excelled in their high end gear.
  22. Just watched Welcome to the Dollhouse, good recommendation for sure! Really into Solondz's films lately, and anything else in that style. If you have a link for a good copy of Palindromes that would be awesome. I just had a quick browse but most of the torrents I saw had 0 seeders.
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