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  1. nica and glock... brown union.
  2. and above, its good seeing you back here my mang!!!
  3. tron relax, 5-0 been walking the lines since the early 90s... anybody that spent any time painting it has been chased a couple times, its not like its a secret spot, shit like above said, all you have to do is ride it... its not like he said "theres a hole by ..................". as a matter of fact i know 5-0 used to go over pieces themselves with a big V. you shouldnt underestimate your enemy cause it makes you relaxed, just like you try to be on point on this forum. and yeah, its some toy shit to ask somebody where the spots are, man, you call yourself a writer, find them shits... ive
  4. thanks for the flick faint...
  5. nice flicks, im argentinian, living in ba after 15 years in dc, graf exploted in the last 5 years, the subway unions are fighting the goverment so in a way they "allow" or dont clean up the graffiti to prove the point that more funding is needed. but if you get caught you are prob catching a beating and some bs charges. the good thing about most of these south american countries is that you can buy the cops off. anyway, great sets of flicks, if anybody is coming down let me know and i can give you some advice.
  6. also i think that gasm is over a pear that was over a gasm.
  7. cast144


    that KEWL is cool...
  8. strictly dc style hands... in no particular order exacto budda cram mata/moc mesk old kier hand etch slae
  9. since on here ive prob known smk the longest, im going to give my 2 cents... smk was always a cool dude and a great writer, we might not see eye to eye on some issues these days but we still mantain our friendship and respect. he was a huge influence on my generation of writers, if felon was on here he would say the same, along with shitty evade, moc/mata, myself. eke and even sope, dbs and a lot more... smk was up, red line and shitty hoods, all his fame was earned and not in this heyday of internet kingdoms... hes prob a big reason why some of you are writing today.... either way, and as a
  10. i bet its the grand wizard... anyway.
  11. that nepal218 hand i likes...
  12. you know there was a glock in dc before right? glock bu used to bomb with nica...
  13. king157 is one of my favorite writers of all time.
  14. phone if you are on here get at me please.
  15. 1901 d st? you aint never been there, otherwise this shit wouldnt be coming out your mouth, and for your sake i hope you never get to go, cause ive seen stupid motherfuckers like you get stabbed for much less... get right... you got beef? take it to the street, leave internet alone.
  16. great post... that geek is the winner!
  17. all the threads are being flooded with "guests" not just this one...
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