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So I just saw some dude walking a bad ass Dalmatian....

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The health shits gotta be connected to breeding the spots so strong eh?


That's fucking weak, these dudes are rad ass.


Anyone wanna become partners in Dalmatian nursing home conglomerate? I MAKE YOU VEDDY GEWD DEAL MY FRIEND.

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Ah damn. That sucks. If I wanted to deal with that I'd adopt an old person...


i got one. You can borrow him for a day if you want. ukno. test the waters.

I got to say tho. Not so trainable. Mine is in the kitchen moving around chairs

to places they dont belong. Not sure what thats all about. Im gonna let him

do his thing tho. No sense trying to talk sense to someone that cant understand.


Ive never had a dog. I got a friend with 2 pits a Rotwiler(sp) and a big

ass German Shepard in a real little house. Now his yard backs up to a big

open space/woods/field so the dogs can run and he lets em. Its not like

its not on the edge of a neighborhood tho so hes opening himself up to

getting sued. Heres the thing. They are nice enough dogs but they smell

fucking terrible and it keeps me away. Dogs smell fear. 350 lb of attack dog

is enough to give me a bit of anxiety regardless of how "friendly" they are.

cool starry abcs

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Haha. I've actually spent A LOT of time considering Rotties.... Becauseeeee...


My dad used to breed em. SO I would have an inside track to having the baddest Rott around.


Pops had pics of some of his dogs a while ago but I think they got thrown away over the years and multiple moves etc.


ONE BAD ASS PIC was of one of his best Rotts with a car tire in it's mouth, looping over it's head. BEASTLY!

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Dalmatians were bred to run under or along-side of horse-drawn carriages and therefore have a vast amount of stamina and energy. They do not like to just sit around all day with nothing to do. They are playful, happy, easy going and very dedicated. The Dalmatian needs a lot of leadership along with human companionship in order to be happy. They will not do well left out in the yard all day and have been known to dig crater size holes when done so. The Dalmatian enjoys playing with children, but if they do not receive enough mental and physical exercise they may become high-strung, and too excitable for a small child. This build up of energy causes their minds to become unstable and they can become timid without enough socialization. They get along well with other pets, but without proper human to dog alpha communication where the human clearly tells the dog that he is not in charge and fighting is an unwanted behavior, they may become aggressive with strange dogs. Quite intelligent, but can be willful if they sense their owners are in the slightest bit meek or passive, and or if the owner is not properly communicating with the dog. Generally does well with firm, consistent training. The Dalmatian is trainable to a high degree of obedience. They can be trained for defense and are good watchdogs. Half of the people who adopt a Dalmatian puppy do not keep them past the first year. Young Dalmatians are very energetic, and need a tremendous amount of leadership and exercise. If you give them what they instinctually need, daily walks where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the human, never in front of the person holding the lead, and very stern, but not harsh leadership they will make a wonderful pet and will calm down after a few years. People who keep them long enough to get past their active stage tend to be very pleased. If you are thinking about adopting a Dalmatian puppy be sure you have the time, are authority driven and have the energy for them. If you cannot provide this for them they will become very high strung, hard to manage and destructive. If you are a very active person who has the time, and knows what it means to be a pack leader then a Dalmatian may be right for you.



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Will you just buy a rad rottie and send it to me then please?


When Hunter passed I couldn't stand the thought of getting another so last year I got a 'Jackalier' he's super fucking cute but he really has short guy syndrome, it makes me miss having a big dog more.

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